DIY: Simple Blind Valance Repair

Dec 16

During the process of having the house interior painted, my painter removed all of the blinds. When he removed the blinds, he accidentally damaged nearly every plastic clip that secured the blind valances in place.

The clips, when secured correctly and not broken, look like this…

After my painter came through, this is how 90% of the valance clips looked…

And how the windows looked without a valance in place…




The mechanics of the blinds were exposed and it didn’t look very appealing.

I went to Home Depot, other home improvement and window covering stores to locate these little plastics clips. No luck. I also searched online. But the more I thought about it, I didn’t like the way the clips looked anyway. It wasn’t a smooth, clean finish. And when you have moulding, the idea is to have a streamlined, smooth appearance.

Then the thought occurred to me. When I was installing the blinds on the master bathroom window, I thought why not use velcro to secure the valances in place??!!

Don’t ask me how the idea came to mind, because this lady’s brain is totally fried. Sometimes I think up my best ideas when my mind is operating in “fry mode”.

Anyway, I ran to Target and grabbed a few boxes of velcro. Scotch calls it “fasteners”….

But the contents of this box is essentially velcro…

There’s a long spool of the soft, fuzzy side and a long spool of the grabber side. The back side of each is adhesive. I also chose this option over a product like Command adhesive because it’s much less expensive. Since I was planning to replace all of the blind valances in the house this way, I needed a lot of adhesive/product….velcro was the better, less expensive option.

Here’s how I got the job done. First I removed all of the valance clips in the house, whether broken or not…

Each valance has a long protruding center down the back…


And that center is the perfect width for a strip of velcro…

I added one side of velcro to the blind valance, using several pieces and each about 4 inches long…

Then I added the other piece on top, leaving the adhesive cover on until I was ready to press into place in each room…

Depending on the weight and length of your valance, you’ll want to think about how many velcro strips you need to add as well as how long each velcro strip will be. On a window about 6 feet long in my house, I used 5-6 strips of velcro at about 4″ long each. My valances aren’t too heavy, but they are sturdy so I wanted to be sure the velcro made them nice and snug. Use your own judgement on this call.

Once the velcro was adhered and ready, I cleaned the front side of each valance….why not, it was a perfect time to clean them. And they were SO dirty!…

Then I peeled the adhesive cover off and stuck the valance in place over each window…



Looks so much better without those valance clips showing…


A simple, inexpensive, DIY home repair project that anyone can do!

Go DIY something at your own house and you’ll have a happier day…I promise!

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  1. Great idea! We have similar valances and the clips were starting to break. I'll have to try this out.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I love this tip! I'll be doing this very soon. Currently have the trim stashed under beds. 🙂

  3. 0s0-Pa says:

    Great DIY home repair tip for fixing blinds! Just about every house I've been to could use this.

  4. AnHerb207 says:

    My hubby was planning to call our interior decorator from 15 years ago to find the manufacturer of our wood blinds–just to get that stupid little broken plastic clip. I chose to use Google and found YOU and your tip. Thank goodness! We will buy some Velcro adhesive tape and fix our valance this weekend.

  5. Ann Klein says:

    Went to local blind store to try to get a clip and the told me that is how the do it now~~

  6. Velcro works, but buying the clips that fit into the grooved valances on Amazon isn’t expensive either, a 10 pack is less than $5 and may be cheaper than velco, won’t peel and fail with age and hold really good. I’m speaking of the valance clips that pinch into the groove on the back of many valances instead of the type that pinch the outer edges and are size specific and break easily when brittle with age….

  7. Carol J says:

    I’ve tried magnets and velcro. Neither one will hold the wood valance to the metal header. I tried several glues. I thought that G****** glue would be the answer. It held for 3 days. Ia there any other DIY way to attach valances? Thank you!

    • Samantha says:

      Oh my gosh, not even G glue worked??? Write them a letter – haha!!!

      Trying to think of other options that could work. Have you reached out to any local handymen that don’t charge too much? Might be good to have a quick consult.


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