Smart as a Door Knob

Dec 6

Yup, there were plenty of funny statements conjured up for the title of this post. Even some really lame knock knock jokes. But when it comes down to it, I’m pretty dumb…..Dumb that I waited so long to put door knobs on all of the doors in this house. Yes, since move-in most of the doors in this house have looked like this…


Nothing like having little eyes peer in at you while you go to the bathroom. Or take a shower. Or get dressed. Let’s just say I had a house full of small peeping toms.


When the painter removed the hardware for the sanding / painting process, I asked him to put the completed doors back up while I searched for new knobs. Little did I know this decision would take 4 months. Between life’s general busyness and my picky taste, it took me a while…what can I say?

The old knobs looked like this. Old and brassy throughout…that is on the doors with knobs remaining…





The doors with knobs were basically any door that was an exterior on the other side. Hello, I did need to lock some doors around here. Locking a bathroom door though? Forget about it!

Actually, when I hosted my nieces bridal shower at the house a few weeks ago I did break down and buy ONE knob for the hall bathroom that guests would use. The shower forced me into making a style / design / color choice, and I’m glad it did because this house looks awesome with door knobs! Who knew?!

Told you, I’m dumb. Of course the house would look better with knobs.

But now – smart smart girl! Learned how to install a door knob and did the job in one whopping day.

I spent all day yesterday installing the knobs throughout the house, including all doors with an exterior side; front door, 4 sets of french doors, door to garage and the door from the garage to the yard.

For those wondering, I chose the Schlage line. Went with Georgian Satin Nickel

Looking gorgeous dolls!…




My favorite knob? The front door! It’s all grown up now…


Here is the inside of the front door…
A little before and after of the front door…along with a Christmas decor sneak peek!…


Doesn’t that knob totally change the look of the front door?
Not only do these knobs update the look of the house and compliment the rest of the furnishings and interior paint colors, but they’re functional. The old knobs were literally falling apart. The other day I opened a french door to get something from the yard and the handle broke off in my hand. Gotta love that! It was time to get this project knocked off the old list. Took a full day, but so so worth it!

Y’all have a great weekend and don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway – 2 winners will each received an awesome Car Cache! Enter here!

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  1. sara says:

    yay it looks great! we have the same knobs everywhere 🙂

  2. Carol Anne says:

    Just found your site and I can't wait to go through it. 🙂 I do have a question. I'm going to be getting new knobs for our house too. We bought our house a few years ago as a foreclosure, so the brass knobs were there before we got in. I'm a polished silver girl, and want to replace our current ones, but the one thing that bothers me are the hinges. Did you need to replace them to match your knobs, or were they already silver to begin with?

    • Hi! Welcome and thank you for hanging around to go through it! 🙂

      The hinges, yes. Good question! Most of the hinges were painted over by my painter. He sprayed all of the edging in the house (crown, base, door ways, etc) so most were painted over. However I left the front door hinges and the french door (I have 4 sets of these) hinges brass…just for the time being. And this is because these doors may be coming down during my future remodel (next year). If they end up staying, I will absolutely replace the hinges to be polished silver. For me, I want them all to look ascetically nice…and match. As of know, however, I am not noticing them at all because they are pretty small.

      So, I guess if I were you I would either change them out to polished silver to match or paint over them to match your doors. Whatever your preference is. Does that help?! I feel like I'm talking in circles over here. There is always work happening here at this house so I am taking the little jobs as they come. 🙂

    • Carol Anne says:

      Nope, not circles. 🙂 Thanks so much for getting back to me so soon! I really appreciate it. I never really thought about painting over them, but I think I'll just end up leaving them for the time being. Its going to be a slow process changing out the knobs because of our budget, so once that process is done and we look over the financials we can start with the hinges. However, painting over them might be a good temp solution for the time being with the ones that really bother me! 😉

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