Car Cache: Handbag Storage Solution + a Giveaway!

Dec 2

Happy Monday friends! Hope you had a great long Thanksgiving weekend. Last week was busy with all 3 kiddos home and a quick getaway to Las Vegas. But I’m back in action over here and we’re kicking the week off with an organization bang – with a giveaway! 

I love giving you guys stuff…makes me a happy girl!

Just like in my home, I enjoy driving in a car that is clean and organized. For those reading along forever, you know for me that less stuff = less stress. Having less chaos in the car helps me drive with a clear mind too. I’ve talked about car organization before and shared how I had stowed my purse while in the car…

I had been using a simple s-hook from The Container Store to hang my purse on the passenger seat. Recently, I was introduced to a new revolutionary handbag storage solution for your car and couldn’t wait to try it, share it with you…and offer TWO of them as a giveaway!

Yay – happy day!

Not just happy about sharing this giveaway…I LOVE this idea / product and I know you will too!

All of us have something to stow away in the car. Whether that be a woman’s purse, a man’s workbag or a students backpack, typically we hop in the car and drop it on the passenger seat or passenger side floorboard. But when you need to grab something from your bag while driving (or not driving), it’s never within reach.

I try my best not to reach for my purse while driving. But as a mother of 3, there are moments when items need to be grabbed and you can’t look away from the road or bend over to dig through a deep purse. These days we all use our cars as a rolling command center. We carry it all – especially when you are running around for work or carting the kids to their various activities.

Catherine Seifert had the best idea….the Car Cache….

Catherine invented The Car Cache a simple solution you easily install between the driver and passenger seats. With this smart design, it eliminates the need to stretch to grab your purse off the floor or deal with spilled contents.
Catherine sent me a Car Cache that matched the interior color of my car. I couldn’t wait to install it and give it a shot. Installing was very easy! All I did was attach the bottom of the Car Cache to my center console…


Once it was secured, I closed the console…
then clipped the top hooks to the posts on both the driver and passenger seat headrests…



That was easy!…
Once it’s installed, you can adjust the straps so that your handbag fits comfortably, making your purse easy to insert and remove…


I love this!!…
And there is still plenty of room for the kids to hop in and out of the car without bumping into the Car Cache…
With the Car Cache you can:
* install quickly.
* keep shoe-born bacteria off of your purse.
* protect your handbag from scuffs…or soccer cleats!
* adjust it to fit almost any sized handbag.
* prevent your purse contents from spilling out onto the floor…and more!
Catherine not only offered me a product to try out and share with you, but she is also offering TWO Car Cache’s for TWO lucky readers!
To enter the giveaway, just follow the simple steps inside the rafflecopter gadget below. As always, I don’t make you jump through hoops. Enter any way you wish. Winners will be contacted via e-mail.
Good luck!

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  1. Michaela says:

    How awesome is that! What a great idea! I would love to win this for my mum for Christmas…she always leaves her bag on the floor and it falls over and everything rolls out of it – such a mess!

  2. Trina O'Neil says:

    What an awesome idea. I am always moving my purse around in the car when I have people in it so it isn't in their way.

  3. I need this fabulous gadget sooo much, I hope I win! Love your blog!

  4. What a great idea! I need this! Also where is your gorgeous handbag from? Its perfect!!

    • Yes, a very smart idea! I really love this product! Thank you so much, my purse is from Coach and it's so super old – haha! Bought it for myself for Mother's Day about 3 years ago…when I graduated from the diaper bag. Love it and it has held up so well!


  5. […] I have a new giveaway for all of you lovely organization fiends.  A little over a year ago I shared this incredible product by yet another amazing mother. A mother who was struggling with an issue, couldn’t find the […]

  6. lafarmgirl says:

    This is an amazing invention – I loved mine – until I changed cars and I now have a split console. The inside of the console is not smooth, but a kind of fabric coating (MB GLS450), so I cannot put (stick) a Comand hook there. I sure hope Catherine can work on a solution……I have tried another one that did not work, and finally am just using a hook. Not 100% satisfactory but better than having my handbag slide into the back.

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