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Jan 15

This year I’m focusing a lot of energy on getting this business up and off the ground – in real life. While a lot of my energy is being focused in that direction, my blog is a big part of my business too. And it’s in desperate need of an update / upgrade.
I do all of the technical and design work on my blog…completely on my own. I’m sure no one is shocked when I say that. Anyone can take a quick look around to see how simple this format is. No one is behind the scenes helping me and at this point I’m ok with that. I have a lot of dreams for this little blog and one day hope to have an updated look…and maybe my own domain. In the meantime, while I put more of my energy and money into a real business, I’m going to continue updating the blog myself when I have the free time.
One of the blog updates at the top of my list was a better project gallery. I spent the last week or so working on that page and am so happy to say it’s done!
You can now find my Organization Project Gallery on the menu bar toward the top of the blog….

When you click on the Organization Project Gallery, you will see various organization topics I’ve shared over the years…

And under each topic you’ll see projects I’ve completed and shared. All you have to do is click on the project and you’re immediately brought to that post…

Click here to see the Organization Project Gallery!

I also spent a little time creating a Home Improvement Project Gallery, which can be found on the blog menu bar as well. In this gallery you’ll find major home improvement projects I’ve completed here at the Nor Cal house….

Click here to see the Home Improvement Gallery page.

I hope these pages make it easier for you to navigate your way around this little blog. I’ll update them often as new projects come along.

As far as additional blog improvements for you, I’ll be adding a few more pages to the menu bar; Home Tours, Clients and Recipes. And I’m going to update the “popular post” links on the blog sidebar.

Have a great day!

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  1. ErinD says:

    Specific projects are so much easier to find. Thanks!! I love all your tips and have copied many of your fantastic ideas.

  2. LoriU says:

    This is great! Thanks for making those tabs at the top of the blog.

    I have to say … your picture on the right side of the blog looks nothing like you (at least compared to your Instagram photos!)

    • Thank you! I hope is makes projects easier to find. That big jumble of "labels" or "tags" was annoying me on the bottom of the blog. I deleted it and will go with this page instead! 🙂

      Re: the photo – is that a good thing or bad thing? haha!! I am just not that invested in getting professional photos of myself. I try to keep it real and that photo on the sidebar was one I snapped of myself. ha!

      Thank you for the comment!!!!

  3. This is awesome, Sam – thanks so much! I often come to your blog for inspiration when I have a project! 😀

  4. Hey! 🙂 This is good job Sam! I appreciate this.
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