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Jan 13

A few months ago I shared my new simple home management binder


I created the binder using the Martha Stewart Home Office collection from Staples. Everyone has a different idea of how to organize their life and I love that her collection allows you to create a binder that works for you…

The notebook on top is my blog organizer



Of course, this month I started by updating my home management binder with a new 2014 calendar. There is so much to love about this simple and organized binder, but I love the calendar. I am loving all the space there is to write in a daily schedule and other little reminders…

But I had a few annoying little tweaks that needed to be done this new year.

One small tweak I made was making better use of the bottom two sections of the calendar, shaded in teal. Now I have a spot to write in our babysitter’s schedule. She only works 1-2 times a week, max. But I have to keep track of her schedule for payment. I also added a section for the blog. Just a little note that reminds me what I am posting that day / week…

I’ve also been using strips of washi tape to make note of special or important dates…

Last weekend I went to Little Rock, my home away from home, to spend a weekend with my girls. That trip definitely deserved a strip of washi….



The biggest annoyance for me? This is how my “to do list” section looked….



** Personal info has been blurred out.

I had a main page that was my to-do’s that were to be done now. Then I had pages and pages following that were things I wrote when they came to mind. It bothered me to turn to that section and have everything jumbled together. I had to flip page after page to find something I needed.

To fix that little issue, I bought these post-it tabs…

The little case is small enough to fit in the front zippered pocket of the binder…

I just used my label maker to create subcategories…


The sub-categories added to my to do section; today, call, list…

And the sub-categories for my home project section…

The tabs are really sturdy and re-useable…

I added a few tabs in my blog organizer too…



Specifically in my business section…

This is the year my business gets off the ground, so a lot of time has been spent talking to my business coach, Charlie…

And what business doesn’t have these…

The tabs fit right in…

I have already found many other uses for these tabs. You can turn any simple pad of paper into a little organized notebook by adding these tabs. Organization doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. Keep it simple and assemble a system that works for you.

Have a great day!

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  1. Carol Li says:

    I love how you have used washi tape to mark important dates in your calendar and then use post it tabs as additonal tabs in your Arc 🙂


  2. Nancy Keay says:

    I can't find 2014 Martha Stewart Home Office binders or calendars at Staples 🙁 do you know another source??

  3. Michaela says:

    I love those tabs, and use them all the time for uni! I love how sturdy they are

  4. Tiffany says:

    I use a simple hard backed binder for my lists, and this will be a perfect way to improve my system. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Millie says:

    I just cannot function without my management binder. Its a life saver.


  6. I feel more organized just reading this—now, if only I can put it into practice! 🙂

  7. Bria says:

    I also love the Martha Stewart/Avery line of desk products, and your tips are very useful. (and soooo neat looking!) However my problem is deciding whether to use the small 5×8 size arc or the larger 8×11. I tend to love the Arc system over the old 3-ring binders, except it won't hold as much as the 3 ringers do. (yes, i know – i bought the larger arc discs and it was a fiasco – they are too big and the pages won't turn gracefully so they now sit in my desk unused). I have both the small arc AND the large one and am conflicted about which one to use for what!

    • I sometimes struggle with the planners too because I love them all. I love the arc system but I just want too much stuff in my planner and those can never hold it all securely. haha! I agree on being conflicted. But I think that once you find something that does work, just go with it. I have found the binder works for me for the main home management stuff and then I use a small arc for the blog organizer. 🙂

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