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Jan 8

Ok…so…here we go again people! Another house…another pantry. Trust me, I can’t wait to have this kitchen remodel completed so that I never have to move another pantry again. Since this is my 4th pantry, and will have a 5th (and I hope final) after the remodel, I guess I’ll have had enough experience organizing a pantry that I’ll be set for the rest of my life. Sheesh!


Now, what I will say is that the system I set up in my Arkansas house has been the truest answer to what a pantry needs – containers and baskets. They worked in that pantry

They worked in the rental house pantry

And now the baskets and containers are working in these cabinets here at the California house…

I’ve put them to the test and they’ve passed with flying colors!

The kitchen here is a small galley style…

Much different than my spacious Arkansas kitchen

But I love it just as much. And I was easily able to work a new organized pantry into this much smaller SF space. This long row of cabinets was the best space to work with, where everything would be together…

To get everything organized, I just pulled out everything onto the counters….


Then I sorted, unboxed, organized the contents by category and put it all away. Since my basket and container system was already set up, and I know what we always need on hand, it was super quick. I did this over maybe 1 hour while the kids were at school.

An example of some basket contents…oatmeal / breakfast…

Kids snacks – these are the snacks that are ok for them to access whenever they want. I keep this basket low for easy reaching…

Teas, popcorn, soup mixes…

Salad items…

Small baking items…

Sprinkles and candles…

Here is my new pantry from top to bottom…








I even found a little space in a cabinet on the opposite wall for a few more baking / sweet items…

School lunch treats…

Oils, cooking sprays, etc..

Since the kitchen will be remodeled at some point (I’m guessing in 2015), I didn’t want to purchase new baskets or containers that match completely. I’m using what I have on hand until the remodel and it’s working very well!

For those on Instagram this week that had questions about my container sources, here is my source list…

1. mainstays wire stacking shelves from walmart = $9.26 each
2. 3-tier expandable canned good shelves from target = $12.39 each
3. mainstays stacking baskets from walmart = $8.97 (for a pack of 2!)
4. natural open-topped baskets = various prices, just depends on where you buy
5. storvino wine container from various retailers = $19.99 (if purchased from the container store)
6. snapware fliptop = $17.98 (i purchased mine from bed, bath & beyond with a coupon)
7. snapware 10-piece set from target = $20.99

Hope this helps! Go get your pantry organized….today!

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  1. Kelley says:

    I have major pantry envy. My pantry (if you can call it that) is TINY. I bought some of those expandable shelves from Target and it was too wide even without expanding it one inch. Can you just move into my house for a month and help me, please?!

  2. Lauren P. says:

    Hey girl! I picked up some Snapware from Tarjay yesterday in order to jumpstart my pantry re-org… LOVE it! Thanks for the tip – I'm bound to get my house organized in the new year so I'll be checking in often! 🙂


  3. Looks great, Samantha! I love to take everything I can out of the original container, too!

  4. brooke says:

    Looks fantastic!!! Nothing like an organized pantry xx

  5. Brooke says:

    Nothing like an organised (I'm from Australia…that's how we spell it here..) pantry!! Inspiration for me to re-do mine. Thanks for sharing

    Brooke x

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