New Video Blog: Get Organized with the Martha Stewart Wall Manager

Feb 28

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have something awesome planned for the weekend. Maybe your weekend includes some organization to-do’s? If so, I have another easy project you can complete this weekend….and I shot a quick video blog to share – it’s all about getting organized using the Martha Stewart Wall Manager.


Lucky you guys….you get to hear me say “now, here, and ummmm” a bajillion times. Good Lord!

*smacks forehead*

I’ll be following up this video with a post on the same topic. In the meantime, enjoy this video for a good laugh!…

Martha Stewart’s wall manager is a great system not only for an office space, but for many other spaces around your home. In this video you’ll see how I’ve branched out to use it in spaces like under the kitchen sink and behind a kitchen cabinet. Get ready to be inspired, friends! The wall manager is meant to be hung using the included nails and incorporated level, but I have found it’s just as easy to hang it using adhesive strips. Meaning, you can hang it inside a cabinet door without the need for nails.

** Post Update – the Wall Manager isn’t available anymore, sadly. But you can find similar systems from See Jane Work or at your local office supply stores…

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  1. I have the Martha Stewart system set up in my home office too, but I love the different ways you've used it elsewhere in the house. I only wish I had stuck mine up with Command strips like you have because I really want to move my office around but my boards are nailed to the wall and I don't want to have to fill them and repaint 🙁

  2. Kelley says:

    So great, Sam! I love it. I have papers all over the kitchen table so this would definitely be useful.

  3. Great video Sam! I love the idea of using command strips to hang them instead of the nails. Don't worry about the "umm"'s, etc. I'd be doing WAY more of them 🙂

  4. Bebyles says:

    You´ve awesome ideas and I just love reading your blog 🙂 Sometimes I´m a little bit "jealous" (not really in a negative sense… I´m happy for you, but unhappy for me) about all the storage and organization systems you get in the US… Unfortunately most of the US online shops don´t ship to Europe. But anyway, I love looking at your blog and getting inspired 🙂

  5. I had not noticed about the "ummm"s either. I'm just trying to think where I could use one of those Martha Stewart systems.

  6. Millie says:

    Sam I just sent you the photos you requested…check your blog email box…millie

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