Organized Fridge: Prep Those Fruits & Veggies

Feb 4

A while ago I shared how I clean and organize my kitchen fridge. It’s actually one of the more popular posts on the blog. I still own this Samsung fridge

And still love it, but it’s living in the garage for now. Why? Because this kitchen was built in 1960 and my beloved fridge is too big for the space allotted in this kitchen. Before move-in, I had to buy a smaller fridge from The Home Depot. Eventually, when the kitchen is re-done and my old fridge is back inside, this smaller fridge will move its way out to the garage instead.

In the meantime, I’ve grown accustomed to bending over quite a bit to access the fridge contents. The smaller fridge options were minimal, so I ended up with a Maytag that has a freezer on top and fridge on the bottom. No complaints here. Grateful to have a fridge, but it’s definitely taken some adjusting. And it’s never mattered more than now to have the contents as organized as possible. The quicker I can access something, the less time bending over.

Here is how my fridge is organized now…


I won’t re-hash how my fridge is organized. You can read all about that right here. What I wanted to share today was a small update. When I previously shared my organized fridge I was using plastic Ziploc containers to organize prepped fruits and veggies. Now that the kids are old enough to handle glass in a responsible way, it was time to upgrade.

Guess it also helps that the fridge is on the bottom, instead of the top…so there’s less chance of them pulling a container out of the fridge and having it drop a significant distance. Here are the new glass containers I’m using….

They are Ziploc brand VersaGlass containers and can be used to store items in the fridge and for heating / serving. I love products that serve double, even triple, duty!….

Every weekend I spend a little time washing and prepping fruits and veggies most frequently eaten. This is a small chore that makes a big difference during the week while making lunches, snacks and meals. I bought 6 glass containers for the fruits and veggies…

My kids love cucumber sticks with peanut butter, ranch or hummus…

They also love grapes, carrots and celery…


Seeing the pretty colors in the fridge has encouraged me to eat a bit healthier too. And I’m happy to be more environmentally-friendly! Gotta keep up with these Californians now.

These are the sizes I purchased in case there are questions:

Small Rectangle

Medium Square

Small Round

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  1. Hi Samantha! Love the post! Can you tell us what sizes you got and where you got yours? Thanks!

  2. Sara Duenas says:

    I prep the same way. I think it's important to point out that the healthy snacks are placed at eye level (for Mommy and Daddy!). So if you go in to snack you see the good stuff first!

  3. Hilary Cook says:

    That fridge would be a miracle in my house. Doesn't matter how much I try to clean and organize, they just throw everything in there and then things get lost and forgotten. I am afraid of my fridge. Both of them.

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