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Apr 1

Call me crazy, but I couldn’t wait to get this project completed! Yup, something as simple as new lighting in the garage can send this lady into a frenzy.

There were several reasons for this update:

1. I work on projects in the garage and need a well-lit area. The old lighting wasn’t bright enough.

2. The old lighting was…well…old. Very old.

3. Which means it also wasn’t energy-efficient, and I need to save as much money as possible on these crazy California energy rates.

4. Several of the light strips weren’t working anymore and needed replacing.

5. When you flipped the lights on they would flicker before turning on completely, take a while to warm up, and they had an awful buzzing noise when they were on.

Here was the previous lighting (many of these images were snapped before move-in)…



My work table is tucked away back here and I definitely needed more light in this dark corner of the garage…

I am all about DIY’ing when I’m able, but when it comes to electrical I don’t mess around. My sweetheart of a handyman came over to talk about lighting. He recommended lighting options and then installed it for me. The lighting I chose was Lithonia

For the bulb, I went with Philips t8 32watt. They are super bright and energy-efficient. What I love is that not only are they supposed to last for years and years…and years, but they only cost an estimated $3.85 a year….

Needless to say, this garage is much brighter…

Oh, I opted to not purchase lighting with the plastic cover. One less thing to fuss with and one less thing for bugs to crawl into and die. ha! It’s a garage anyway…no need for anything fancy pants out here.

Can’t wait to get this garage organized and get to work out here…in this much brighter environment!

Have a great day!


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