Decor Love in the Laundry Room

Apr 2

After looking at bare walls around this house for way too long, I’m finally getting the itch to hang something. Anything.

Well, ok…not anything.

And that is precisely my issue! I’m finding I’m even more indecisive than ever about what to hang and where to hang it…and if I’m left to buy something new? Forget about it. Takes me months to make a decision.

Furthermore, I love my freshly painted walls so much that I am terrified of making a mistake. Pretty much everything hanging in this house is with the use of adhesive strips. Ha! I know, classy. But, I’m coming around and realizing that even if I mess up and make a few lot of holes in the walls, it’s an easy enough repair.

Anyway, if I’m going to hang something, why not start by adding wall decor in the laundry room…since I’m in there so often to enjoy it. Right? *insert sarcasm*

This laundry room is a great size, but the layout makes for a tight working space. I’ve talked about the layout before and how I tried to move the washer and dryer to the far wall. But it isn’t happening now because that change will require work on the other side of this wall (in the garage) and it’ll cost us some big smackers. So, I’m making it work for now.


The wall color is Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore, which is the same color as the ceilings throughout the house. I added some life to the room with this pretty laundry wall art from Ballard Designs

It’s not on sale now, but when I bought it a few weeks ago it was.

I also grabbed these adorable laundry letters from Ballard, but instead of propping them up on the included stand, I adhered them with Command strips to the side of the cabinet…

I did that because I don’t have a shelf in here to display them any other way. I did keep the ledge, that was included, for future use.

I found this pretty runner at Target that ended up being the perfect length, and I love the pattern / color…

Behind the door, I’m utilizing the hooks that the previous owners macgyver’ed and added my old PB chalkboard over it to write seasonal or birthday notes. Or just a little “welcome” note. I keep my broom and dustpan hanging here because they are used daily!…

My old PB key hook is hanging out here…


This boxwood wreath from Target is perfect for the door between the laundry room and house. Love the pop of fresh green!…


Since we generally come and go from the house through the garage, I needed a spot where shoes can live. I’ve been working on changes in my office (yes, always something going on in there) and ended up re-organizing enough stuff that I had a free shelf that works perfectly…

Now when we come home, the shoes are removed and placed on a shelf. Sometimes they’re tossed nearby on the ground…but, close enough, right?!

I’m loving these little accents to the laundry room. It’s motivating me to finally get other things hung around this place!

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  1. Millie says:

    Sam, I love it…it looks so clean and fresh. My favorite is the "Laundry" sign…good job.

  2. So cute! Love the wreath!

  3. Monique says:

    Love! Isn't it nice to turn your house into home? Love the color of your green LR sign…and it's so good you are taking time to beautify it. Think it was in a Julie Morgenstern Book (Organizing from the Inside Out) where she said that if it's not attractive TO US we aren't likely to use it. Hope you will throughly enjoy , as much as possible, using it

  4. That looks great! I really need to work on my laundry room — it is a scary scary place right now.

  5. Crystal says:

    I love everything about your laundry room! The picture, laundry letters, rug, wreath, etc. are all perfect for the space! Love it!!

  6. LoriU says:

    Looks really nice! I love that wreath. So fresh!

  7. Heather says:

    What is the board above the hamper for?

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