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Remember that time I said I wanted to update the laundry room shelving? Yes, this time back in May of 2017? Woof. Life gets busy. Well, good news my friends – Over the last year I did make little strides until ultimately it was completed last week. Yay! I demo’d the shelving, patched and painted, […]

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Simple DIY: Updated Shelving for a Small Laundry Room

July 3, 2018


Once upon a time, there was an organizing blogger who occasionally shared home improvement projects, how-to’s and tutorials. *looks around* Oooohhhh, there she is! Feels good to head back to my old blog roots! Been way too long since I’ve worked on (and shared) a good home improvement project. And it’s definitely showing around this house. Now, admittedly […]

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My List of Current Home Improvement Projects!

May 19, 2017


By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that not only do I love to organize, but that I also love to improve spaces, use power tools, and DIY solutions that make an impact for families. Any chance a project comes my way that’s a combo of organizing plus DIY / design…well, it’s a very good day! A […]

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Simply Done: A Beautiful DIY Garage Laundry Space

A Simply Beautiful DIY Garage Laundry Space by Simply Organized

April 6, 2017


Twice a year, my friends Christy & Amy of 11 Magnolia Lane host a series called Operation: Organization. In August we focus on back to school and in January, as you would guess, we focus on the New Year. This is a fun way to see what my fellow bloggers are up to in January as they […]

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Marvelous Mudroom Organization for the New Year

Marvelous Mudroom Organization for the New Year

January 9, 2017


As a professional organizer that works 100% with families, you can imagine my systems and ideas are tested hard in my own home. I have 3 children and love putting my (crazy) ideas, projects and build-outs through the tough conditions that lie within my 4 walls. Of course, I love sharing it here with you as well! A […]

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Simply Done: A Mudroom For Mom

October 28, 2015


After looking at bare walls around this house for way too long, I’m finally getting the itch to hang something. Anything. Well, ok…not anything. And that is precisely my issue! I’m finding I’m even more indecisive than ever about what to hang and where to hang it…and if I’m left to buy something new? Forget […]

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Decor Love in the Laundry Room

April 2, 2014



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