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Jun 16

I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer. And because I’m an organized, clutter-free, visual kinda gal, cords would be included on the list of office nuisances. Namely, the cords sitting ON the desktop. You know, those USB cords, camera cords, fitbit cords, and the 1,596 apple device cords. Ok, I exaggerate, but you know what I’m saying. The cords were making me looney in my home office.

The other issue I had was getting back behind my computer to plug in a USB cord. Not very easy without knocking something over.

While client shopping at the Container Store I discovered this genius idea

Am I the last woman on Earth to find this product? Maybe. But I’m glad I did. The desktop area in front of me is now much tidier! No, the before wasn’t *that* bad. But like I said, when you’re sitting here for a while it’s nice to have a clutter-free, cord-free zone.

Here I was before…

And now, after Space Bar…

What makes this solution awesome is that there are 4 USB ports in *front* so you can plug in what you need and then easily unplug and put away the cord. The cord you see plugged in above is for my camera. When I was done uploading the images for this post, I tucked the cord away in a desk drawer. Love!

Also, your keyboard and mouse tuck away neatly underneath the Space Bar when you’re done working…


In love!…

It’s the little things!

And I love having the desktop in front of me for additional workspace…

Very happy girl coming to work this morning. 😉

* Just to let you know, I’m not getting paid for sharing this product here on the blog.

And if you spied my new desktop image, which I loooooove, you can snag your own one for free right here on Rubbish Love’s blog. So pretty!…

Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us, Shana!

Hope you’re having a productive and organized Monday!

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  1. sharon adams says:

    Love this!! You aren't the last one to find this…I am lol!!! Exactly what I need!!

  2. Fantastic idea! Wonder if I can get this in the UK 🙂

  3. LOVE this!! I showed the hubby and he said "wow that's pretty cool!" Now you KNOW you hit it on the head when a guy likes it! Always inspiring me!

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