The Front Path Is Complete!

Jul 16

In my next installment of “well, this is done, but this isn’t”….the paths in front are done. Let’s start with the “well, this is done” part of the story. The paths are done…








You may have noticed there was a little equipment clean up as well…

I know – looks totally different without a wheelbarrow and rakes and shovels and garbage. Baby steps, always.

You may also notice my beautiful hydrangeas aren’t in front anymore…

They were getting too much afternoon sun, so I moved some of them over by the swing set…

And the rest are in a small bed in the backyard…

Sadly, I think those near the swing set may have to move yet again. I’ve been watching the property for sun exposure / shade and have found a few other little spots. It will require splitting them all up, which is ok. But the 4 in the backyard are doing great!

With the paths done and the newly empty space in front, I bit the bullet and called a few professional landscapers. Just to help me in the front. The rest of the property landscaping will happen in phases over time (read = money!), but I’d love to front beds at the entrance of the house to look more finished. And it gets so hot out there in front. I want dimension and pretty plants / flowers, but we are also living in California where we have to be cautious of water usage. I think it’s time to bring out an expert for some advice. I’ve seen one of them and he had some good ideas. I’m consulting with a few others.

Anyway, at least the paths are done right?!

And of course I have to appreciate how far I’ve come out here in front. Remember this?…

Or let’s take it back even further…

And yet further…the first day I visited after owning the house. Yikes!…




Amazing! All this house needed was a little loving.

What am I up to this week? Building the mantle from scratch gave me the bug to keep on building. So, last night I made a stop at home depot (shared this on my instagram last night – can you guess what I might be making) and have big plans for an empty space in the playroom. Can’t wait to share the end result with you guys!…

Hope you’re having a great week everyone!

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  1. WOW thats beautiful and super impressive : Love it!

    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. Sarah Spain says:

    The yard looks GREAT! I love hydrangeas, can't wait until I have a backyard for them 🙂

  3. You have come so far. It really looks great!!!

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