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Jul 14

It finally happened. We have organized legos in this house. And we all hope it stays this organized going forward. Hopefully this will work because the kids helped come up with this system.

If you have lego lovers in your house, than you’ve certainly struggled with the “how to organize them” topic. Personally, I have a way I would love to see them organized…oh yes, my idea is over the top crazy. But the fact is, I’m not the one playing with legos. The kids are. They have a way they play with legos and a way they choose to put them away when they’re done. So, that’s what we went with for this project – a system that works for them and their habits.

Over the years I’ve seen several amazing organization ideas (which you will see below), and was sorta worried the kids might suggest organizing by color, but thankfully they decided keeping up with that system would not work. I envy those that can have color coordinated legos.

But my kiddos? By size, my friends.


Once that was decided, I ordered this genius lego size sorting product called Box 4 Blox

Box 4 Blox (which I ordered from Amazon) acts like a coin sorter. You drop your separated legos into the top, give it a little shake, and the legos are sorted out into their various sizes. Since the kids decided to organize by size. this product made sense to us.

One day last week after the Box arrived, we pulled out our lego inventory and got to work…


Not going to lie, this part of the process took time because we had to separate anything the kids weren’t interested in keeping together. There were builds that had been started, but not finished or they were totally finished. To effectively use the Box, the pieces must be separated before you can drop them through the sorter. Yes, it was a little tedious…but as I sat here I felt grateful to not also be sorting by color.

We worked in small batches and slowly filled these shallow bins I found at the container store…

This is their Colorwave Smart Store Tote system. As you see above, you customize the system to work for you. I purchased a lot of options and what we didn’t use was returned. I love the shallow bins because it allows the kids to easily poke around to find what they need. And the lids are very secure. They also stack together nicely.

Here’s what we came up with…


Here’s the breakdown. We have one shallow bin for tiny pieces…

2 shallow bins for medium pieces…


1 shallow bin for large pieces…

1 shallow bin for extra large pieces…

1 large bin with 6 interior sorters that hold wheels, windows, and more…

1 lego box for people…


1 shallow box for the lego instruction books (my kids would NEVER maintain a binder system for these, but that’s a great idea!)…

2 large boxes hold the boy’s builds that they want to keep assembled or are still working on…


To easily label the bins, I used a roll of chalkboard laminate, a paper cutter and chalk pen…

That’s it!…



We were so happy to be done with this process / project! Because the boys had a hand in helping, they know how much work it will be to organize it all over again. They are invested in the system so they hope to keep it up.

The bins are stowed away in Aiden’s room…




When they want to build, the agreement is that it will happen in Aiden’s room. This way the lego’s are contained in one space and easier to clean up / maintain. Instead of being spread throughout the house OR end up in the hands of their 4 year old sister.

The new sorter is also stowed away in his room – in his new closet (will be revealed later this month :-).

Now that you’ve seen our organized legos, let’s bring on more inspiration! All you need to do is a quick “lego organization” search on Pinterest to be totally inspired!

Quickly though, before I share these great ideas, have you heard of a company called Pley? And if yes, why where you hiding this idea from me?! I told the kids from now on we are not buying lego sets. Instead we are going to rent them – IF they want to seriously consider lego building for a period of time. My boys bounce around from hobby to hobby, but this company sure is doing the right thing! Just pay a monthly fee and they send you sets to build and return – free shipping both ways too!

Ok, noooooow let’s be inspired!…

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Love it all!
Go organize something! Maybe that closet full of legos you have….???

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  1. Kelley says:

    You mean a playroom floor full of Lego's I have? Thanks for the tips!

  2. Simply LKJ says:

    Looks fantastic! In our house it was Barbie shoes when the girls were little.

  3. IceCream says:

    Great ideas! Only I don't like too much plastic in my kids room. There is a theory about some toxic exfoliation from plastic things. I prefer baskets or boxes made from fabric or paper.

  4. I can't decide if Pley is a good idea or not….. do you think if would be hard to keep the rented Legos separate from your 'home' Legos?

  5. Clareio says:

    Eek! I'm glad I have no Lego in the house, i would SO be sorting it by number of bobbles, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 etc. Then sub sorted into whether they were normal, shaped or flat…

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