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Aug 6

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit here (since the boys don’t go back to school for another 3 weeks – ha!), but let’s talk about the inevitable. That awful topic no child (or parent) wants to think about when we’re still enjoying summer vacation. But it’s time for a little reality check, my friends.


There. I said it.

That dirty word is about to enter your universe yet again. Why not take the bull by the horns and get yourself organized?! I did!

Check out our new, organized homework station shining upstairs in the home office…

We’ve been trying our best all summer to complete (a few) worksheets and read (a few) chapters each day. We haven’t been perfect, that’s for sure. So with school coming up around the corner, we’re getting back into the swing of reading, writing and complaining creating. And this is a great motivator!…

All I did was gather up our supplies from various spots around the house and bring them happily back together right here….

In my home office, I have a desktop and the kids have the old desktop. It’s a good spot for them to sit for research or completing homework sheets where they can spread it all out. They also get peace and quiet up here, instead of in the middle of the kitchen…

While I’m working, I can keep my eye on them and help with questions / answers. And I just like to be with them, in general (read = nosy, helicopter mom).

Our homework station includes my DIY art caddy full of dot markers, glue, glue sticks, erasers, a ruler and scissors….

A 4 compartment tray holds note pads, adhesive flags, and tape. 2 $1 tins hold regular and colored pencils. There’s a pencil sharpener and 3 labeled manilla folders hanging at the ready for school notes. There is 3 colorful Avery binders, one for each kiddo….these will hold weekly homework assignments, notes, and more…things we will certainly collect once school begins…

There’s 2 $1 magazine files holding bright, colorful papers, paper cutters, a hole punch, a dictionary, US atlas and World atlas…

Inside that drawer? Compartment organizers, of course!…

Just look at these highlighters! My heart is racing…

Behind the computer is a page of large wall adhesive papers, for those moments when we need to write it big and put it up on the wall as a reminder. You know, things like ooooohhhh….”finish your homework!!!”.  I’m kidding, of course. And there is a weekly calendar to keep track of assignment dates and more…

Looking for the source on that awesome screensaver? My girl Shelley over at House of Smiths created it last year for her own mini-homework station. I love how colorful and motivating it is.

Don’t have a desk for the kiddos, don’t worry! You can easily create a free-standing homework station too! Tomorrow stop by 11 Magnolia Lane as I kick off their super fun Back to School Organization series with this DIY Homework Station…



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Happy Back to School Organizing!!

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  1. Sam–thanks for sharing your talent for organization with our readers at 11 Magnolia Lane. I know that they always love to see what you come up with!

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow! I thought the homework station you posted last time was great, but this looks awesome! =)

  3. Love this Samantha! Would you link this to my Friday Favorites going on right now? laura

  4. Hi, Samantha, great ideas. Where did you find the plastic containers for the highlighters and markers? Thanks.

  5. […] I shared one way to create a homework station…if you have a […]

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