Spray Paint Fixes *almost* Everything!

Nov 25

 Chocolate, wine and spray paint fix everything, right? In a perfect World – Ha!
So, first – Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! It’s a busy week for me as all 3 kiddos are home from school plus I’m hosting our family Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. There is a lot of cooking, grocery shopping and prepping goin’ on in these parts. We’re also continuing our celebration at my sister’s house on Saturday. Two Thanksgivings? What could be better!? Thank God for my gym membership. I’m also in full Christmas decorating mode and have plans to buy our Christmas trees this week and get started on those. There’s a few home projects being wrapped up as well.
Which brings me to…
Number two – this week I’ll be posting but it’s feeling like a “catch-up” week when I look at my list of blog posts. Today is sorta random because I posted a sponsored post earlier today (don’t usually do those, but I gotta do something to pay these project bills) and I did this quick project a few weeks ago but never got around to sharing it here. This week I have an update for you guys about the gate in front. One word = drama. And I have a fun organization post with an awesome giveaway just in time for the upcoming gift giving season. So random, but I’m here and I love it!
Anyway…let’s talk about spray paint! I know, everyone and their mother is doing projects with spray paint and maybe you’re sick and tired of hearing about it. But really, is there anything easier than re-freshing an item with a little paint? If you’ve been reading along here, you know I’ve used it a lot in the last year. It’s easy, gets into all sorts of tight spots, comes in great colors / finishes, and it dries quickly. So, I used it again to repair a steal from my local Pottery Barn.
PB is one of my major weaknesses. They always have the perfect home accent when I’m looking for something special, but that perfect accent typically comes at a cost. That said, they also have pretty awesome sales. When I visit my local store, I first always make a b-line to the sale section. Sometimes I find nothing, sometimes I hit the jackpot. A few weeks ago, I got lucky with this little gem…

Our last name starts with a P and I’ve always wanted to put the letter up somewhere in the house. I’m thinking in the middle of a gallery wall or something? Anyway, I was digging around in the sale baskets and found this letter P, but it was a total mess…hence its sale basket location…

In perfect condition, this letter would cost $30. But it was deeply discounted because of the major scratches and dings. (By the way, you can find them here on the PB site for $20 right now). I snagged the letter for only $11! And I bought it because I knew it could easily be repaired with a shot of spray paint….which I already had! I used this paint for a previous project and had some leftover…

It’s a perfect match!

I cleaned up the P (that sounds bad) and gave it a good coating of Espresso paint…

Check out the after…

The paint was a perfect match and the P looks incredible now! I don’t have my wall gallery up yet – remember I’m working on that “one day” series? Soon enough there will be P on the wall in this house – OMG, stop me I’m on a roll! In the meantime I have the P tucked away in the living room with some Thanksgiving decor…

Just another way spray paint makes *almost* everything better…

Even P!

Keep in mind when you’re shopping and see something on sale that you love but think it’s not repairable…it may very well be cured by just a little spray paint!

Hope you are all staying calm this week and have your Thanksgiving food lists organized!


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