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Nov 24

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Recently I shared the updates I made in the kitchen by changing the floor and kitchen faucet. I love the little updates that are going to help extend the life of this tiny kitchen until the remodel. But no matter what the improvement, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing smudges and fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances. I’m sure you can relate because so many of us have upgraded our kitchens and chose stainless. It’s beautiful, but man, do those fingerprints show! Especially when you have little ones, because they are the perfect size for touching those appliances.

My 2 kitchen pests are the dishwasher and range. The dishwasher shows more signs of fingerprints and watermarks because of its location. It’s next to the sink so with frequent loading and unloading it always looks like this…



The range isn’t that bad, but occasionally shows signs of food spills…

Last week I was introduced to Steel Meister…

And before you think this is just a typical sponsored post, please remember that I am very picky when it comes to sharing these type of posts with you guys. This product really is my favorite stainless steel cleaner. Really! Not only does it actually work – easily – it doesn’t have that smell you sometimes get from a stainless cleaner. And it’s not a cream or product that leaves behind a slimy residue. Not sure about you, but when I spend precious time cleaning my kitchen and appliances, I want it to work and I want it to smell clean.

Steel Meister does that!

Check out these afters…

So much better! Not only is my stainless clean, but Steel Meister repels fingerprints and smudges too – meaning I don’t have to clean my stainless as often. Yay!

But I have to admit, the worst stainless appliance in this house is actually not in the kitchen – it’s in the garage…

This is my real kitchen fridge. It’s living out here because it doesn’t fit into the 1960’s-sized fridge opening. Since it’s in the garage, you can imagine it gets a lot of love from the kids. When the kids play outside, which is pretty much daily here in Nor Cal, they grab drinks and snacks from this fridge. And it shows…

Especially on the handles…

I couldn’t wait to give this fridge a good cleaning with Steel Meister. Check out these afters…

That shine! Steel Meister is hands down the winner on battling fingerprints, smudges and streaks. It cleans, polishes and protects your stainless steel and metal surfaces. It leaves an effortless “like new” finish. This product is a game changer, friends.

And Meister Products doesn’t only offer a great product for cleaning your stainless steel, if you are searching for a great spot cleaner, stone cleaner or range cleaner, they offer these great products as well:

Steel Meister Spot Cleaner:
* Deep cleans your stainless steel and metal surfaces.
* Removes dirt, grease, grime, caked-on food, soot, and more.
* Ideal for stainless steel, copper, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, kitchen appliances, outdoor grills, bathroom fixtures, and more.

Stone Meister: A new generation of cleaning for your countertops – yay! Do you know what’s lurking inside those micro scratches on your countertop?
* Encapsulates the dirt trapped in microscopic pores that conventional cleaners can’t reach, then lifts the dirt out like a magnet.
* Ideal for natural stone, granite, marble, soap stone, polished concrete and other water-tolerant surfaces.
* No residue, non-abrasive, environmentally safe, food safe and biodegradable

Range Meister: Knocks out dirt with a powerful punch! Soaks down to drive out burnt-on/baked-on food, grease and grime lodged beneath the surface – then buffs your glass or ceramic cooktop to a protective shine. No more scrubbing or worries!
* Cleans deep beneath the surface.
* Rinses clean with water.
* Biodegradable, food safe, environmentally friendly.

Meister is hands down the winner on battling those tough to clean items in your kitchen and more!

If you’d like to see more about these great products or connect with Meister on Facebook, you can find the links below…

Meister Cleaners
Meister Facebook Page

But there’s more!….

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Good luck!

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  1. Clareio says:

    Looks fab, smudgy stainless steel drives me mad! but i've found that a small amount of olive oil on a cloth does wonders! brings it back to sparkling and you don't need much at all!

  2. Kristin says:

    Use this product I LOVE it!

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