The 20 Foods I Can’t Live Without

Feb 1

Wow, was it a busy week over here. Not a lot of blog time this week because of my client load – so many fun projects to share! Can’t wait! I’ve been itching to get in here to share a good organization project or DIY build. And admittedly had been feeling a little sad about not having something prepared this week. But the thought occurred one morning that I did in fact have a great project to blog about. It’s something personal, yes, but something all of us can benefit from more of – healthy eating. And healthy eating happens most often when you’re organized in the kitchen.
Everyone knows having healthy foods pre-prepared and accessible is a sure way to stick to a diet plan or stay healthy in general. So if you’re struggling to find easy snacks and foods, maybe my list and ideas will be helpful.

For the last 15 weeks I’ve been doing a fairly intense work-out program. (Circuit training, for anyone curious). Not that anyone could tell by looking at me, psh. Sooooooo I’ve been a little ehhh on the food plan. I’m slim already (by nature and the fact I’m in constant motion all day long) and don’t have plans to compete in a bikini contest (ummm, more like I’ll NEVER compete), but eating healthy is still important. And I do enjoy eating healthy, whole foods. I like to keep healthy foods prepped and ready for the kids to grab. If you have kids, you know they don’t plan out their meals…they just rush in all frantic and hungry in that very moment.

Anyway, one morning this week when I was running out to an organization job, I grabbed 3 items from the kitchen to throw into my work bag. I was working in a closet for 4 hours and needed a few snacks. Moments like these solidify why I’m so happy to be organized in our kitchen. Otherwise, I would have stopped at a local spot for a quick, unhealthy snack after work.

Here are the 20 foods I can’t live without. Nothing gets easier than the foods I’m sharing. No fancy kitchen experience required!

Tuna salad with chopped celery: This can be eaten alone with a spoon, in a lettuce bowl, on top of a salad or with crackers. I drain and rinse tuna (packed in water), add a ton of chopped celery, and mix in very little light mayo. Sometimes I add a little lemon juice too. This bowl has 4 large cans of tuna and lasts a good week…

Hard-boiled eggs: Take advantage of this product and always have a healthy protein on hand! I love these prepared hard-boiled eggs. Sometimes I have one after a work-out or as an afternoon snack with apple slices and peanut butter…

All-Whites liquid egg whites: These are my favorite! Almost every morning I make a quick egg scramble with all-whites. I add chopped onion along with whatever leftover veggies are hanging around in the fridge. Sometimes I just add some salsa and wrap it in a whole-wheat tortilla. Easy!…

Salad mixes: I do generally have regular bags of mixed greens or baby spinach, but I enjoy having a salad like these a few times a week. I add grilled chicken or the tuna I mentioned from above. These are great to grab on the go and I love their convenience…

Speaking of grilled chicken…this is something you will always find in my fridge. I buy organic chicken breasts in large packages, season with olive oil, salt & pepper and cook them all at once. Then they are in the fridge and ready for salads or just as a snack…

Cut up veggies: This is probably my absolute all time favorite right here…

These are my go-to’s and you’ll find me snacking on these during the day and many nights this is my dinner along with a chicken breast. They are good with hummus too…

Speaking of hummus…this is another favorite…

Great with those veggies or with healthy crackers. Love love hummus!

Dry roasted and unsalted whole almonds: These are a great, healthy snack. I keep them in my car because that is usually when I remember I forgot to eat and these help get me by until I can get home to some healthy food choices. A couple small handfuls a day…

Greek plain yogurt: My favorite way to eat greek yogurt is by mixing it with other things like fresh fruit and cereal…

Frozen edamame, quinoa and rice packets: Again, I love these because of the convenience factor but they are good for you! I love the brown rice and quinoa packets. They are an easy way to have something healthy that’s hot. I eat it with veggies or chicken. The edamame is a great snack anytime of day…


Fuji apples and peanut butter: Apples are a great snack to grab on the go, but I love to slice them up at home and eat them with a little peanut butter (or Nutella if I’m pms’ing – let’s just be honest ladies!)…

Prepared chopped onion: I know, this one seems odd…but does anyone like to chop onions? I do cut a whole onion for cooking, but in terms of the day to day (like my egg whites every morning) I love having these around. They make adding flavor to my food a whole bunch easier…

Pretzels and pretzel thins: These are great with hummus, peanut butter or on their own if I’m craving something salty / crunchy…

Coffee: If you know Sam, you know I must have hot coffee in the morning and an iced coffee in the afternoon. I love that Starbucks now has prepared iced coffee that is unsweetened and available for purchase at your local market. So easy! Occasionally, I do make my own iced coffee, but this sure helps yet again with the convenience factor…

Dark chocolate chips and dark chocolate covered blueberries: This is a no-brainer but it’s for the sweet tooth. Which usually shows up around that time of the month, ahem. I keep a small container of each and dark chocolate is actually good for you so I don’t feel as guilty when I indulge…

With kids in the house, it’s not always easy to stick to healthy eating…their little meals look and smell so much yummier (like grilled cheese and french fries). But having these foods in the house at all times I have found keeps me on point in the food dept. And they are easy to grab on my way out the door to work or errands or kid activities.

Please feel free to share a list of your own favorite, easy to grab or prepare foods! Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. coffee_nut says:

    This is a great post! I have been wanting to eat healthy but have been confused on how to do it in a simple way. I do have one question…how do you cook the chicken? Do you cook it in the oven or stove top and for how long? Thank you!

    • Hi! The way I cook the chicken just depends on the weather – if it's warm I grill them all on the BBQ. If it's cold I bake them in the oven. In the oven I bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. Very simple!


  2. carol jane says:

    So healthy
    I must get going on eating healthier. Where did you find the dark chocolate covered blueberries? Yum.

    • Oh – these are so yummy! You can find them at Costco or your local market in the candy section. I have even found small snack-size bags of them in the check-out area where the candies are. I think the brand is Brookside. ??


  3. Tracey Lucas says:

    I've seen them at Target checkout.

  4. Clareio says:

    ahh chopped onions. we buy 1kg bags of frozen onions, mixed peppers, chopped courgette (zucchini) and sliced mushrooms and they are a LIFE SAVER! i can have a chilli in the pan in under 5 minutes after walking in the door from work.

  5. I love this post Sam! My favorite of your posts are food related and posts where you organized some area of your home. Do you still use coupons? I always found those posts awesome as well!

    • Hey girl!

      Thank you!!! You're so sweet! Yes, I still do coupon but its been harder to do here in Calif b/c there isn't as many stores that are good with them. My local store is Safeway and I haven't found them to be that great. And then the other stores are like Whole Foods or Trader Joes….and you can't use coupons there. I try to stay away from Target and have done a great job of avoiding them since December. So I'm really saving a lot of money there! lol!

      Thank you again!


  6. sucia01 says:

    I love this post! YOu know so many people complain about time and I have found that buying precut items is worth it's weight in gold. Plus they always come in clear containers which makes spotting them in the fridge so much easier.

    If you like Chobani you have to check out Siggy's. They sell it at Target, Sprouts and Whole Foods. It has the lowest sugar I've seen and the highest protein out there. I find it has a better taste than Chobani. Icelandic yogurt is the new Greek. All the cool kids are doing it.

    Question are those Ziploc containers glass or plastic? If they are glass did you pick those up at Walmart?

    • Thank you!!!

      You're right, the pre-cut stuff is perfect. Nothing wrong with it and you can find it at organic stores too. It sometimes is a bit more money but soooo worth it! Thank you for the yogurt rec. Appreciate that b/c I am always looking for more protein.

      The ziploc containers are glass. Tempured glass. I found them at my local market on sale in the baking section, but am sure you can find at Target.


  7. Jlburland says:

    Love it! I am always looking for healthy options and these snacks sound great! Your photos really make everything look appetizing and I can't wait to stock my pantry and fridge. Chocolate blueberries, yes please!

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