Pantry Organization with Eye-D Bands + A Giveaway!

Apr 27

 Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to a new week here at Simply Organized. Monday’s are always awesome for me when I can share a new organization product and giveaway with you…my sweet readers. And that’s exactly what’s happening today. So let’s not waste another breath and get to it.

I’m especially excited about this product / giveaway…not only has it changed my pantry, it’s a product I guarantee each and every one of you will love and appreciate as well.

Meet Eye-D Bands


Pretty easy to decode based on those photos, but I know you’re curious to know more. Don’t worry, I got you. Hang tight for a second while I get you better acquainted. 😉

Simply put, Eye-D Bands are stretchy name tags / bands  / labels you wrap around containers or products. And everyone knows when something is labeled, there’s never any confusion as to what’s inside. No more cupboard crawling or drawer digging. Just wrap an Eye-D Band around it and take the guess work out of what’s inside.


There are thousands of products we bring into our homes, many of which look similar, have generic packaging or are just plain unreadable. From brown flax seed to body wash, Eye-D Bands helps you identify your stuff with a glance and get on with your busy lives.

Eye-D Bands were created by a mother – love these mom-invented stories! Incredibly inspiring to me. This mom, all she wished for was to make life a little simpler (sounds familiar!). Between answering work e-mails, helping with homework, magically pulling dinner together, and a million other tasks in between, Supermom always saves the day. So if there’s a way to remove even the most minute stressor in our life, why not?!

This genius mom had a desire to purchase bulk organic foods. However, if you too shop bulk, you know all too well these items need labels. And that’s where the bands come in handy! They can be used over and over, until the end of time. Yes, they not only are able to be used time and again, but they are created with non-toxic silicone (the same stuff used in bakeware). Eye-D Bands expand and hold printed type without cracking or distressing. They’re in it for the long haul!

Ready to see Eye-D Bands in action though? That’s what I thought!

I’ve shared my pantry over the years here on the blog and it’s continued working hard for me. I’m all about wide open baskets and clear containers – no packaging! But as organized as this pro is, I have to admit a few baking items and pantry staples were confusing me. I have each of these in clear containers, but sure enough each and every time I make pancakes, I have to double check the container to make sure it’s pancake mix and not all-purpose flour.

Not anymore!

I started by clearing my container shelf, at the top of wall of pantry cabinets…

Now, some containers are obviously working just fine and don’t need a label…like these…

Hello whole wheat crackers, goldfish and peanut butter crackers. No guessing who you are. But the others? Eye-D Bands are a game changer!



I love that the bands are double-sided, which means they pack twice the organization punch…

All you do is wrap the band around your container or packaging…done!…

Hello gorgeous…



The smile on this face. Can’t possibly be measured right now.

Happy happy girl today! And really happy to not only share this amazing product with you, but to give you the opportunity to win a collection of your very own Eye-D Bands. My sweet friends at Eye-D Bands are offering one Simply Organized reader a $50 credit to spend in their online shop. Yay! And thank you Eye-D Bands for the generous giveaway!

Oh, you guys also know how I manage these giveaways – simply! Enter one way or every which way to up your chances of winning! Good luck and be sure to hop over to the Eye-D Bands website to read more about the company, their story and browse in their incredible shop!

Good luck and have a great week everyone!

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  1. becslb says:

    I currently use sharpie pens to write directly on the containers but sharpie does eventually wear off so these bands look like a great solution!

  2. justasiam says:

    I really would like the nuts and seeds set. While I can usually remember the big stuff, like flour, some of the different types of seeds and nuts are harder to differentiate.

  3. I have large rectangles for my containers, do you think these would work for that too?

  4. Mama says:

    These would be AMAZING for our house! I use containers for our snacks and things, but I have a kiddo with food allergies. We have used stickers, labels, and now just sharpies to mark our food 'safe'. It would be great to be able to swap out containers and to have a clear way of organizing once again. WOOT!

  5. Mama says:

    and… of course i got so excited that i commented before going to their site. 🙂 would LOVE the option to purchase custom bands. or even "SAFE" for food allergies.

  6. Erin Ellis says:

    I would buy several of the 3 packs such as the flour varieties, tea/coffee, sugar. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  7. Mandy says:

    Brilliant! The bands will help me and my three little kitchen helpers differentiate our ingredients!

  8. Um, what a great idea! Love the re-usable bands–I have the "special' labels & marker but the marker is getting worn out and hard to read. Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  9. Bethany says:

    These are great! I love this idea!

  10. Leslie B. says:

    I'd go with something from the baking set. All purpose flour, almond flour, various sugars are all present in my pantry but I keep them in the bags so I can tell them apart. I'd love to have clear containers for them.

  11. I'd likely buy the Grains, Beans & Rice bands.

  12. I would get some bands from the baking set
    CINDY B on rafflecopter

  13. Cheryl says:

    I'd buy the 3 Pack / Baking Set 1 / Group 1.

  14. Kathleen says:

    I love these bands…no guess work anymore of what is in the container..

  15. LoriU says:

    I NEED all the flours and baking product bands! I love to bake and have all purpose flour, italian flour, self rising flour, white whole wheat flour and bread flour!!

  16. Holly E says:

    I like the 3 Pack / Baking Set 1 / Group 1

  17. I love the coffee and teas but could use them all.

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