Sterling Prevail Shower Door with ComforTrack

May 27

Like most homeowners, I’m always looking for ways to make our home not only run more smoothly / efficiently and be more organized…I also want our home to be as comfortable as possible. Especially with 3 children living here. When I find a new product that makes all the difference, I’m excited to chat with friends and fellow homeowners about it. But I’m also grateful for this platform where I can share the info with all of you!

Do any of you have shower doors with a hard, uncomfortable track? You know those metal tracks you can’t sit on and are nearly impossible to clean? Well, Sterling came through for us! They created a shower door with ComforTrack!…


Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology

ComforTrack is a flexible (yes!) bottom track that supports the shower doors glide and yields an easier, safer day-to-day use for your family. The Sterling Prevail shower door is the perfect addition to any shower / tub that needs a door.




ComforTrack’s cushioned threshold bends to applied pressure, allowing the user to sit, lean or kneel on the track. I know! I’m having the same reaction here! Remember those days of leaving painful imprints in your rear end or shins while bathing the kiddos? The pain in your back while bending over to clean the shower, hoping your shins or knees wouldn’t make contact with that painful track? Not anymore! You can now comfortably bathe your child or pet, access the shower or clean the shower / tub! Even chill out in the tub yourself with your feet up.

Pure genius.


This technology is not only flexible, it’s extremely durable – its heavy-duty material withstands rigorous testing, ensuring it will outlast day-to-day wear and tear…which we all know happens when kids are around. Need a product tested for quality and durability? Drop that bad boy into any home with children – they will put it to the test for you. Trust me! 😉

The track features a low profile and sleek shape that is easy to keep clean. This product is available for BOTH shower doors and bath doors. It’s truly a win-win for any homeowner.

Speaking of baths and showers, I thought we could share a few bath time tips with each other. In our home, I multi-task during the kid’s bath time. I’m sure no one is surprised to hear me say that! First thing I do is wash their hair and body. Then, they are free to play at their leisure in the warm, soapy tub. While they are playing – mom is tidying the bathroom, cleaning the sink and toilet, replenishing toilet paper or replacing the hand towels, and pulling out any dirty towels that need washing. While I’m doing that, I’m listening to the kids chat with each other or answering any one of their bajillion questions. I love clean kids and having the peace of mind that tomorrow morning their bathroom will at least start off clean.

Be sure to share your bath time tips with me in the comment section!

And if you’re tired of your hard shower door track, I hope my mention of this new product is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of! Have a good day everyone!

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  1. Anna Picket says:

    The soft track on this shower door looks appealing to me. Our tub is hard, so sitting on the side of it like the woman does in this picture is out of the question. This would make cleaning the tub so much easier. How long does this thing last on average?

  2. Mindy says:

    Gracious! I had no idea this product existed! I have refused to get a shower door because we had one when I was growing up. My assigned chores included cleaning that tub, the doors and the horrible old-fashioned track – what a (literal) pain in the behind! Shower doors look nice and are safer for people with balance problems like my mother-in-law.

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