Simply Done: A Smart Closet

Jul 30

With each client I work with, I fall in love with my job a little more and discover a new space I love to organize. How is this possible? I suppose it’s because I work in different, unique and lovely spaces…with different, unique and lovely people. Recently, I had a garage trend that I was loving but lately I’ve been in closets. Lots of closets. And this is where I found my current love trend = folding / hanging clothes.

Yes people, how do you know you love your job? When you’re passionate about the most mundane tasks involved in it.

I’ve been working for this truly amazing family a few months now and adore them. So much. Not only do they have a beautiful home, it’s a smart home. Literally. It is. And now mom has the closet and drawers of her dreams.

Remember, there is no judging allowed here. This sweet family moved out to renovate this home and moved back in quickly, so items were jumbled in the process and didn’t always land in the appropriate space. We are turning this ship around though and showing this house just how much smarter it can be. πŸ˜‰

I worked on mom’s side of the closet first (because let’s face it…ladies are always first. #word), and that’s what I’m sharing today. Before’s without judgment…excuse the cell phone quality images…


When I see this type of clutter, I always always see the end result. Never the before or during…


The process used here…

1. Pull out every last item and sort into piles / categories.
2. Once sorted into piles / categories, we went pile to pile one at a time to either try items on and decide immediately what was staying or going.
3. The items not staying were put into bags outside the room.
This helps give us more walking / working space.
4. Items staying are left in their category piles for me to put away.


After the sorting / cleaning out was done on day 1…


On day 2 I worked alone to put it all away. Neat and pretty for my neat and pretty girl. Some of my tips? Hanging space is usually at a premium so I tend to first start with the items that need hanging. I like to hang delicate blouses, shirts, skirts and pants that are prone to wrinkle…

Wondering where her long hanging items are? She doesn’t have a lot of those and her husband needed a spot for his suits that aren’t worn often. We found an empty closet in her guest room for these…

Sweaters are folded neatly on a shelf or in a drawer. Due to space, I also folded her scarf collection and PJ’s on these shelves…

In those shallow drawers? Socks…


And I love making her feel extra special by laying underwear flat in a shallow drawer and fanning out her bras for ease of finding. Organizing delicates like this is a great way to take good care of your items too…


Sorta like her own mini Victoria’s Secret…without the jumbled mess we tend to find in a VS store. Ha!

For shirts, they are folded in 4th’s and tucked away neatly in a drawer…


My biggest challenge was the depth of these drawers in the middle…

But I face challenges straight on with a smile. With drawers this deep, it made the most sense to fold her pants, jeans and workout clothes in a way that allowed them to stand up. Which means she won’t be digging down to the bottom of the deep drawer / pile…



This folding technique worked beautifully here.

Dad’s side is next! With the free’d up space we created by moving his suits, we have a lot of room to play with…

But that’s a story for next time!

I hope you enjoy seeing my Simply Done series. These projects are shared to inspire you to tackle those unorganized areas in your home. I’m sure many of the spaces I share hit close to home for some of you…and I want you to know you’re not alone. Everyone is busy raising a family or living life to the fullest. Sometimes our homes show just how chaotic our life can get, but that’s why there are professionals out there to help! Or teach and inspire! πŸ˜‰

I love to hear from you guys and I’m trying to be better about responding to comments now that summer is starting to wind down. Let me know about areas you struggle with and we can support you here!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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  1. Very lovely organization! Is it just me or does she have a lot of socks? Maybe I am just lacking in the sock department.
    – Kaitlyn |

    • No, you're right she does!…but with reason! πŸ™‚ They don't wear shoes in the house and this includes guests. She likes to have a lot of socks on hand for both daily wear, workouts, around the house and guests.

      Thank you so much for the compliment and comment!! πŸ™‚


  2. Your process is so simple and very easy to follow! I love the different folding techniques that you used to make your closet beautiful and organized. Thank you for sharing! -Courtney

  3. Kim says:

    Awesome work! Will we see more garages? I can never get enough of organized garages πŸ™‚

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you so much!! Yes, I’m always hoping for more garages to work in – but in general those tend to happen in better weather months. I can’t get enough of those spaces too!!


  4. Great idea for the deep drawer space! You did wonders to that closet, get way to maximize every piece of that space. If you have a client in need of a custom storage, please check out our work, we love organization as much as you do!

    • Samantha says:

      Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I’d love it if you were closer for design work. Do you have reps in this area? I’m in the SF Bay Area. Checked out your site and it’s just stunning!


  5. amy says:

    Do you charge for this kind of organisation? How much do you cost? I have a friend in desperate need of this!

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