2 Quick & Healthy Snacks I Always Have on Hand

Aug 4

Life has been pretty hectic around these parts and it’s only going to get more hectic with the return of a school routine. I also have a lot of clients booking me to help work out some hot spots around their homes before back to school. Previously I shared a list of 20 snacks and foods I always have on hand to keep my energy up…read: to keep me from grabbing junk when I’m in a rush. #thetruth Adding to that list, I wanted to share a couple healthy items I always have on stand-by in my fridge.
First is a super easy egg white scramble. Liquid egg whites are so convenient to grab these days – and they last a long time in the fridge. Any brand is fine, I happened to grab All Whites because they were on sale. This isn’t a sponsored post and am not getting paid to mention any products shared in this post. Liquid egg whites come in a variety of sizes, but I buy the biggest size available because I use them a lot. Once or twice a week I do a veggie fridge clean-out and make a huge egg white scramble. Sometimes there’s leftover broccoli or green beans from dinner earlier in the week. Or I’ve steamed a couple artichokes and there are leftover hearts in the fridge. Sometimes I have spinach about the go bad. Sometimes there are onions hanging around. Whatever the case, I don’t want the veggies to go to waste, and this is a great way to get a second life out of them…and still eat healthy.
This particular day, I found tricolor peppers pre-chopped on sale at my local market. They were close to the expiration date so I used them right away in a scramble.
Bottom line, whatever you throw into this scramble works. No matter what you add, it always tastes delicious. Once cooked, I keep it contained in the fridge and warm up a bowl after getting home from the gym or if I’m too tired to make myself dinner that evening…

For my egg white scrambles, I start by spraying non-stick cooking spray generously in a pan heated over medium-low…

Then I add diced onions…

And the peppers…

When the onions and peppers are soft, I pour a whole container of egg whites into the pan…

Lower the temp a bit so your eggs cook slowly and evenly. No one likes brown or burned egg whites. Keep an eye on them, folding them over occasionally…


Again, once thoroughly cooked, you can contain them in one large container or if you’re meal planning you can separate into meal-size portions.

The other food item I always have in my fridge is grilled, sliced chicken breasts. So simple and I don’t have to tell you all the ways these can be used over the course of a week. Personally, I put them in salads, eat them alone, add it to a brown rice bowl with veggies, add it to the egg white scramble, dip them in hummus, whatever. It’s filling and healthy.

I have found the best way to prepare these is on the grill. The oven is an option too. Here in California I can pretty much grill year-round so I try to do that as often as possible. And I like the grill because you grill up a large amount at one time. For my chicken breasts, I buy organic and while I do mix up the marinade on occasion, I tend to use Mrs. Dash quite a bit because it’s salt-free…

I wash and dry my chicken and set them on a baking sheet for ease of transporting in and out of the house…

Chicken breasts tend to get boring and this product adds flavor…they have a variety of flavor options to choose from too. Or you can find your favorite marinade / seasoning at the market. Or make your own! Again, not getting paid to talk about this product – just sharing what I use

I brush on a generous amount of olive or vegetable oil…

And sprinkle on as much seasoning as I’m in the mood for…

Then I throw these babies on the grill. Chicken doesn’t need to sit on the grill forever – unless you prefer it dry. #ugh What works best for me is grilling on one side for 10 minutes with the grill lid closed…

Then I flip them over for 10 minutes and close the lid. Then I turn the heat off completely and leave the lid closed for another 5-10 minutes to let it finish. Chicken doesn’t take long to grill and depends on how thick your chicken is, so keep that in mind…

When it’s firm to the touch, I bring it all inside and slice it into strips right away. This makes it easier to grab and portion out when I want a serving. Cold chicken breasts aren’t always the easiest to slice.

These 2 snacks / meals are so handy to have in the fridge. Can’t begin to tell you the times I’ve felt hunger come on and been grateful to have these healthier options available. I’m sure like many of you with young children it’s easier to finish off their chicken nuggets, mac and cheese or buttery grilled cheese crusts. If I didn’t have these options available, that’s exactly what I’d do. It’s too easy!

I hope these along with my list of 20 foods / snacks will help you get a healthy stash going in your own home for yourself!

If you’re interested, stay tuned for a post about my work-out program coming soon! I’m a busy mom of 3, run a small business and manage my household, but even I have found a way to fit in exercise. It’s so important for us to fit it in somehow. And we don’t need to be at the gym for hours on end my friends. Last month I finished a 24-week circuit training program that was amazing and fit really well into my busy life. I’m about to start a modified version of it again in the next few weeks and will share all of the details with you. A few of you have e-mailed to ask how I fit it all in and I’m all about sharing how I not only help other people get organized…but how I myself organize my own life.

Oh, and I’ll be sharing my day-to-day organization too. My neighbor, friend and blog reader asked me to share that…so guess what, Blake…I’m getting it ready! xoxo

Have a great day guys!

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  1. Jlburland says:

    Awesome! I was looking for new meal ideas and these are so simple! Sometimes I get bored with the same meals but you brought them back to life with great images and some tasteful wording. I can't wait to try these!

    • Awe, thank you!!! So glad I was able to spur you bringing something simple back to life. I'm not a fancy chef or a food blogger…obviously, I excel at organization and not cooking. But I do enjoy eating healthy and sharing easy, doable ideas with you guys! Thank you so much for the comment!


  2. Wow those both look amazing. Will have to try! thanks for sharing!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. LoriU says:

    Great post! I am doing weight watchers and really need to UP my protein intake, so the egg white scramble will be great! I am going to try those All Whites too!

  4. Thank you for the healthy tips! I'm definitely going to try your egg white scramble. Can't wait to start grilling soon, too!

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