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Sep 30


No matter how you cut it, everyone has personal feelings on the topic. As you can imagine, in my own small business I opt for simple when it comes to labeling. If I’m using a label maker, I go for the clear tape. Over the years, I’ve done a few more time-involved DIY labeling projects, including these cute chalkboard labels created for my playroom…

DIY Chalkboard Labels

I did that because these are on display in a main area of the house.

I think there’s definitely the possibility to over-label too. I mean, do you really need to label a bin that’s already clear / see-through? Probably not. And in my busy, small business I don’t. I try to keep it easy and uncomplicated. When I work in someone’s garage or cabinets and the bins are clear – we don’t label. Unless of course my client insists. However, if we’re working in a drawer with hanging files, a label is obviously a great idea to find what you need quickly.

Kid’s spaces are where labels really come in handy. I’m sure many of you are aware of picture labels for those little ones that can’t read yet. Here’s a cute example…

via Sissy Print

This week however I was working in a 9-year old’s room and she can read. She wanted something simple and loves the color sage. Since I was assembling her labels, I figured I’d share my process here with you guys! Now, there are lots of ways to create labels…and I have loads of ideas. But I take each home / room case by case…as the person living in that space is bound to have opinions of their own. Especially when that opinion is coming from a 9 year old.

I start by finding a simple text, typing my categories into the pages application on my iMac (all simple stuff here) and printing on a quality paper. Once it’s printed, I trim down the paper to the desired shape or size…

Paper Cutter

For this closet I opted for a circle, so I grabbed my 3″ circle craft punch…

craft punch

craft punch

All done…

label punch outs

I own a Scotch laminator…

scotch laminator

I purchased this model at Target several years ago. I love it’s simple functionality and that I can find the refills at most Target locations. When I need something, I don’t like waiting for an Amazon or other online order…sometimes I like to go grab it and get the job done.

For this project I used full sheet sizes and added 5-6 circles per sheet…

full size laminating sheet

full size laminating sheet

After running them through the machine, I let them cool for a couple minutes before trimming down to the desired size…

completed laminating sheet

diy labels

For adhering to my baskets, I punch a hole…

DIY labels

final stack of hole punched labels

And I grabbed her favorite sage colored ribbon at a local craft store…

ribbon for laminated labels

This morning the job was complete by adding the labels to several very cute Pottery Barn Kids baskets…

labels on baskets

labels on baskets

You’ll see the full reveal of this simply done client bedroom later this week. I love these labels, their simplicity and how the sage-colored ribbon blends nicely with the pink gingham.

Do DIY something and have a great day you guys!

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  1. Ellen says:

    I love this! SO cute and fun!

  2. BRANDI says:

    I recently pulled EVER craft/coloring/school supply my daughter had spread throughout the house, laid it out across 150+ sq ft of loft space, cleared out, condensed, cleaned up and organized it all into one of these lifesavers: Created super cute laminated labels with a labelmaker and different washi tapes on heavy duty cardstock, and adhered it with adhesive-backed hook and loop to each drawer front. Super cute and now she can no longer complain she can’t find a pencil/glue stick/color/sketchbook/journal/bead/rainbow loom rubberbands.

    • Samantha says:

      Wow, this sounds amazing!!! Feels so good to tackle a big, looming project like this, huh? I’d love to see a picture of the finished product! 🙂


  3. Allison says:

    I love to label with my label maker. Your labels are super cute, though. I think I might have to get a laminator soon!

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