Unique and Fun Christmas Traditions for Kids

Dec 16

If you’re looking for a few unique and fun Christmas traditions / ideas to excite the kids, here’s a few I’ve discovered that are a big hit in this house! These don’t take much effort on your part – as long as you’re organized on the front end.

Unique and fun Christmas traditions for the kids!

Send a personalized video message or receive phone calls from Santa and the elves!

With Portable North Pole you can make Christmas even more magical for your little ones by creating personalized video messages. We’ve done this for years and the kids are always SO amazed that Santa knows what school they attend, what city they live in, all about their good (and bad) deeds, shows them photos of themselves in his magical book and what they want for Christmas. How do they know? Because in each unique video message Santa speaks directly to them…and even says their name correctly! Santa also makes calls and you can choose from many unique personalized call options.

To create a personalized Santa message, you can do it right here on the PNP website.

Catch Santa in your home!

Capture a photo of Santa right in your living room!

I discovered this site a few years ago when a child in our neighborhood told my son Santa wasn’t real. Determined to hold onto the magic a bit longer (he was only 7!), I found this great site where you upload a photo from your actual home and then add an overlay image of Santa. Genius!…

Capture Santa in your home!

On Christmas Eve night, after the gifts are under the tree, I snap a photo of the living room and upload it on Capture The Magic. You pick from a variety of Santas, which can also be adjusted in size to make him appear life-like. Then I print the image and leave it with his letter to the kids. It’s incredible and so fun! It adds one more thing to do on Christmas Eve night, but the reaction is always the best!

This option does costs a few dollars. To capture Santa in the act in your own home, you can do it here on their website.

Capture Santa in your home via an app!

Much like the tradition above, but this option is free. Thanks to the world of apps and smartphones, take it a step further by creating a little video of Santa in your home with Kringl – the app that proves Santa was there! Last year was my first time doing this and it was so much fun! I shared it on my Instagram if you’d like to take a look back in my feed. The kids loved it!

All you do is select a scene, scale and adjust, and record and share it!

Here’s just one example of the app in action…

So fun!

Unique and fun Christmas traditions for the kids!

Receive a letter from Santa with the North Pole Postmark!

The US Post Office has a great program each year where you mail your letters FROM santa to them, they postmark the letters from the north pole and return them to you. You can see an example of the postmark in the above photo. Directions for how to mail and receive your letters can be found here on the USPS website. Sorry for that blurred out address, but I wanted to give you an idea for how I address our letter from Santa – in red sharpie…and I do my best to disguise my handwriting…

Unique and fun Christmas traditions for the kids!

Unique and fun Christmas traditions for the kids!

When the letters arrive, I usually pop them into their stockings one morning as a piece of mail delivered by our scout elves…

Unique and fun Christmas traditions for the kids!

The kids love this and I love storing them away in our special Christmas memory box!…

Unique and fun Christmas traditions for the kids!

Don’t forget you can find the cutest Dear Santa and From Santa stationary on Pinterest. Don’t spend money buying fancy stationary when so many talented online friends share printables with us for free. This year I printed a simple version from Makeovers & Motherhood (adorable blog name, by the way!), which has lines…my 3 need lines!…

Enjoy and I hope your Christmas stays magical for a long time to come! If you have any fun and unique ideas, please share them in the comments! It seems as if every year there is something more exciting…I’ve certainly had to pick and choose what I do with the kids otherwise it would take over my life. These 4 have been a huge hit for us!

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