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Mar 17

Yes!…Simply Organized finally has a shop page!

This is a long-time goal that is being realized with thanks to my recent invite to join Reward Style / Like To Know It. They have an app that allowed me to create this fun shop for the site. Cheers to that!

You’re probably wondering what I could possibly add to the shop since I don’t personally make products…welp, hold on cuz you’re ’bout to see one in a second. My ultimate dream is to have a line of organization products that answer issues not currently being addressed. As long as I’ve worked in homes and for as many people as I’ve worked for, trust me – I have a solid list of needs on paper over here. But beyond that BIG and distant dream, for years I’ve received product questions from readers and those following on social media (Instagram, in particular). If you’ve been an online friend for a while, you know responding to comments is important to me…when you see a response, it’s from me and me only. Yet sometimes answering the same question 100x can be exhausting. I do answer – always – but it may take a bit longer than usual.

With my shop, you’ll have instant access to products you’ve seen used in client homes. Ok, truth be told – the shop isn’t 100% filled out yet…I’ve been working on it a little bit each night. But the first two categories are up and running…and was too excited not to share! And with my new custom product, that’s been a huge hit locally, I’m ready to make the announcement.

To access the shop page, click “shop” on the menu bar…

shop here

In the shop, I’ve categorized areas around the home…

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.14.15 PM


Products you’ll see in the shop have been used in client homes as well as my own. In my business, I try, use, touch and feel a lot of products (including the occasional product reviews you see on the blog that typically have a giveaway attached). So believe me, if it doesn’t work and it’s not Sam-tested / approved, you won’t see it in the shop. Deal? Good!


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.14.31 PM

I also shop for clients weekly and am “in the know” about sales or products that are being discontinued. For example, these great rugby striped bins from The Container Store

There was a rumor going around they were being discontinued. While in the store the other day designing a few closets, I asked the TCS crew to look it up and in fact they are being discontinued. #collectiveboohoo I LOVE these bins along with many other folks. You’ll remember when I used them in this laundry room

So so bummed about this development. Anyway, as soon as I’m made aware of product changes I’ll make note of it on the shop page.

As you saw, the kitchen and office categories are up and running. Each night after the kids are asleep, I’m making my way down the category list. Feel free to check it out! So grateful I’m able to add this small feature that will help with my slow response to questions, but ultimately make it easier for those wanting a quick answer.

In other product-related news, if you’ve been reading the blog for a looooong time, you may remember my “call out cards”. They were available on etsy for a period of time, then I stopped offering them during my extended phase of moving / home improvements. You know – during the time I sold a house, moved to a rental, bought a house, moved across the country and then did a few small home renovations (psh)….oh, and got my business off the ground. Yikes! What a life experience that was. With life a bit more …. uhhhhh, dare I say “predictable” (why’d I say that out loud!) … I’ve brought them back. And apparently with a bang because my local baseball moms have gone nuts over them.

Call out cards, you wonder? This image should do the trick…

Call Out Cards by Simply Organized

If you have children in sports, especially those of us with more than one team of players to keep track of, you can relate to how difficult it is to remember the player’s names. As parents, we want to cheer not only for our child, but for the entire team of players. I have 2 boys playing baseball and football which means there are 4 teams of names to remember…and 4 sets of coaches / team mom’s to keep straight. It’s pretty much impossible unless you’re lucky enough to play in a league that allows the kids to remain on the same team throughout. This isn’t likely if you play league sports however as the kids are drafted, based on their skills, to different teams each season. In addition,  grandparents, caregivers, nannies and friends attending games enjoy cheering but don’t know the player’s names.

This is where Call Out Cards come in! They are roughly 4″ x 4″ laminated cards customized with your team name, league name, colors, jersey numbers and player’s names on the front…

Call Out Cards by Simply Organized

On the back is an inspirational quote from a famous player on that professional team, the coach’s name / number and the team mom’s name / number. Have a child sick at the last minute? Don’t know if you have practice on Wednesday at 5pm or 8pm? Wondering if you were supposed to bring the snacks for the game? The back side has you covered…

Call Out Cards by Simply Organized

Cards come on a matching 36″ lanyard making them easy to wear or throw into your sport bag.

Call Out Cards by Simply Organized

Each card is customized for your team (any kind of team – not only baseball!) and sold in sets of 20 for $30, USPS shipping included. I’m working on a custom order form for the site, but in the meantime details can be e-mailed to me if you’d like to order before your season begins. These will live on the shop page as well!

Call Out Cards by Simply Organized

Call Out Cards by Simply Organized

Hope you find my new shop helpful!

Let’s play ball!

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  1. Amy says:

    Those cards are BRILLIANT! I will be ordering some for next season for sure. You go girl!!! 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Sam, there’s probably an easy way to capture info for those call out cards! Reach out if you want some ideas on automating the process of capturing that info for your Etsy store 🙂

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