Organized Spices with MagnetJar + A Giveaway!

Apr 18

You guys have seen my work in kitchens both large and small. While working in spacious, luxurious kitchens and pantries is super fun, my favorite challenge is small-space organizing. If you’ve been reading the blog a while that statement should come as no surprise. Over the years I’ve shared many projects that maximize small spaces. And when it comes to small space, my own personal kitchen is the perfect case study – Ha! During our 2 years living here, I’ve made the most of my tiny, walk-through, galley-style, “blink and you’ll miss it” kitchen…

Today there’s a new tweak to my space but this time in the form of a simple yet effective product making my life easier while cooking. Meet MagnetJar

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

MagnetJars are durable, flexible magnetic jars to powerfully organize your spices, and more! They give small-space dwellers to the ability to preserve valuable counter space yet still keep your spices within reach. I’m not discriminating though – even if you’re blessed with a large-space, MagnetJar is a must-have.


Because they:

  • keep your spices fresh
  • can be organized in a cabinet, drawer or the side of any magnetic surface
  • are clear so there’s no mistaking the contents or your supply on hand
  • are easy to clean, glass jars – not plastic
  • have a corrosion-resistant cap
  • are the perfect shaker jar for spices (or crafting!) or you can unscrew the lid to scoop your measurements
  • and have a 10-year guarantee!

I’m very choosy about the products shared here on the blog and with clients. A product must work, be a real problem-solver and be cost-effective. So keep in mind when you see a product on Simply Organized, it’s been tested and approved by me before it shows up on the scene. I genuinely love this product, so when MagnetJar contacted me about sharing their great product, I jumped at the opportunity! I want all of you to have these in your home!

MagnetJars are beautiful…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

I chose the white lid, but there are a variety of colors to please every chef…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

The powerful channel magnet is ridiculously strong and secures easily to any steel surface…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Chalkboard labels are popular right now so it’s an added bonus that your jars arrive with easy to adhere labels…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

But personally, my favorite way to label the jars is writing directly on the glass with a chalk pen…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

If you make a mistake or the jar contents change, just wipe it off with a wet cloth. I love how pretty and colorful the spices look in a clear glass jar…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Yet there’s no mistaking your spices – just look on the side…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

MagnetJars are great for those who purchase spices in bulk. Next month I’m working a sweet mother of 2 – she has a cabinet full of Indian spices for her special family recipes. We’re looking forward to getting the spices out of bulk, plastic bags and into jars where they will stay fresh and be easier to access / use!

When your spices are contained and labeled, you have the option of putting MagnetJars in a cabinet…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Or you could put that strong magnet to use on the side of your fridge…

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars


Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

I have minimal counter space. Prepping my recipes and cooking takes up a lot of room on the counter. With MagnetJar, it’s one less thing in my way.

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

Love that chalk label on the side of the jar too!

Organized Spices with Magnet Jars

If you’ve been looking for a new way to contain your spices, baking or even crafting items, MagnetJar is the solution! These would make a great Mother’s Day gift for the mom in your life that loves cooking! MagnetJar can be found on Amazon. My friends at MagnetJar are so generous! They are not only offering a 25% off discount for each of you, but they are giving away a set of 6 jars to one lucky Simply Organized reader!

To purchase using the discount code, enter SimplyOr to receive 25% off your one-time order of any number of MagnetJar sets!

To enter the giveaway, follow the easy instructions inside the gadget below. I keep giveaway entry simple – enter one or as many ways as you wish to up your chances. Good luck everyone!

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Organized Spices with Magnet Jar

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  1. Susie W. says:

    These would be great for my husband, the cook at our house.mhe is always asking “where is _____?” He would never lose things again and I could relax while dinner is being prepared!

  2. Ann says:

    I love this! I use spices constantly and hate to go digging through my cabinet to find the right one!

  3. LaTanya says:

    seasoning mixes

  4. Maureen says:

    We use cinnamon and rosemary and allspice a lot in baking and cooking so those would probably be in the jars.

  5. Judy J says:

    These would be great!

  6. Sara says:

    What a great idea!!

  7. Kelsey W. says:

    I would love to keep the spices I use most often close at hand!

  8. Linda says:

    I would put spices in my MagnetJar, or possibly candy.

  9. Michele Pineda says:

    I love this idea! A great way to keep the spices close at hand, yet out of the way and not using up counter space etc… I would probably have some oregano, taco/Mexican seasonings, hot pepper flakes, nutmeg, sea salt, cinnamon, and some spices I want to get in Guatemala on my upcoming trip so we can cook with a little more authentic flavoring.

  10. Michelle J. says:

    Craft supplies!

  11. Madeline says:

    I’d use these for the spices we use most often: paprika, cinnamon, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder.

  12. jeccica simpson says:

    My favorite spices

  13. Judy says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I won! Thank you so, so much!!

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