Simply Done: A Before & After Custom Master Closet

Aug 16

One of the greatest joys of my job is connecting with women and moms on a level that’s almost indescribable. I’ve said this before, but many times when the organizing comes to an end – we cross over from business to friendship. Some become very close friends. Close enough that they call to cry when something is wrong, share exciting news, friend me on Facebook, send me Christmas cards or contact me with the thrilling news they are purchasing a new home….which generally means I get to work with them again! Yay for me! And in this installment of Simply Done, that is exactly what happened. After doing several projects in her rental home, one of the sweetest moms ever called to share they had purchased their first home and were in need of help. Included on their list of projects was a custom master closet.

I realize not everyone can afford a professional organizer, but if there is ever a time to hire one it’s when considering a custom install. Pantries, closets, garage systems…anything you plan to have custom built that is going to cost a pretty penny – budget in a little extra for the input of a professional organizer. Personally, in my business, I offer simple consult appointments that I charge less for as compared to physical organizing work. We are in homes every day and see what works / what doesn’t. We can share tips, ideas and help you maximize every square inch of that custom dream space you’re designing.

How many drawers? How much hanging space? Glass door fronts or solid? Or none? And which closet company should you hire?

Shortly after starting my business I realized the importance of aligning myself with quality companies I could refer to for these larger custom projects. If it’s an Elfa design from The Container Store or a Home Depot closet, I can pretty much handle that on my own. But when it comes to a custom closet, I have one local vendor I work with fairly exclusively. Having that close relationship is everything. And the company I contract with also extends a generous discount. Keep in mind that organizers typically have these connections so if you can add their small rate into your overall budget, it’s a smart move.

In the case of this closet, I knew my client very well – I had already organized her closet in their rental house. This was a big help in the design process. And I am there nearly every step of the way from design to install to making sure the small details are taken care of and then – then! – putting it all away!

In order to truly appreciate the after, you must see the before…



The closet itself sits in an interesting position in the master bedroom. It’s situated behind the master bed wall and it’s a walk-through. It has 2 great windows for tons of natural light. And it was a blank slate with odd angles just begging for a custom design…


Here’s an update after the demo and paint. This was her dream chandelier…just without all the beautiful crystals attached. You’ll see the final light below…


Waiting those 6+ weeks was agony. For them and me. We couldn’t wait for the install! And then…



On the curved wall, we decided to add drawers, loads of shelves and 2 large laundry hampers…


We also had room under each window for bench seating with cubbies to store whatever their hearts desired. With the odd corners on each end of this wall, we opted for corner shelving to display photos or boots…


When doing a custom closet, we always start on the conservative side. Most companies you contract with have no problem adding shelves – so I caution clients to not overbuy on the front end. We can always add more after their clothing is in the space. And that’s exactly what happened in this case. Once everything was put away, we were able to order many more shelves for this wall.


It’s nice to incorporate some type of landing spot or peninsula, especially if there isn’t room for a free-standing island. We chose a ledge above the drawers and a mirror too…


Her husband has a love of watches but previously tucked them into a stand alone watch box. Now he has plenty of room for his collection without the fear of scratches or damage…



I just loooooove a new closet! But I love their reaction even more…


This gorgeous chandelier really adds the “wow” in this space!…


Since most of their clothing hangs, the entire wall on the opposite side has 8+ bays of hanging space – long and short.

Another way to save a bit of money with a custom closet is to finish out the space yourself. In this case, this family was having other work done in the house. So they contracted their handyman to add the crown and base moldings after the closet was installed. This also gives you the option to go as fancy pants as you want with the finishes…while not paying a premium to a closet company for their materials and time.

Finally, we spent an entire Sunday listening to music and putting everything away…


The way to position shoes is really up to you, but when cramped on space, alternating front to back works very well!…



And we’re covering those peg holes too – don’t worry!




I did a lot of folding in this closet to make use of every drawer inch…


What a before and after!…





Gorgeous…and can still be customized down the road by adding more shelves, drawers or hanging space.

Happy closet organizing!

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  1. Jenny Banks says:

    This looks fantastic. Can you tell me how you organized the ties?

  2. Pamela says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen windows in a closet before. Super cool! I would have been tempted to turn it into a reading nook instead!

  3. Tami Newman says:

    Fantastic design Samantha, you have a way of creating beauty and simplicity in every space you work on!

  4. Lisa Schenck says:

    Looks GREAT!! Just a quick question, how do you cover the peg holes?

    • Samantha says:

      Thanks Lisa!!

      There are adhesive dots or you can buy little peg hole fillers, which are tiny and sometimes hard to install – but they totally camouflage the hole. It’s amazing!


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