Simply Done: Kid’s Plates Cups & Bowls

Oct 26

Don’t believe there’s a bigger kitchen organization struggle than that of handling where to contain the kid’s plates, cups and bowls. You need them, but man – do they make you nuts. They’ve taken over your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Personally, missing pieces used to drive me crazy. While I don’t have a lot of that in my home anymore (sniff sniff), I’m grateful to help other moms conquer the issue. And I think I’ve found a winning strategy!


Oh my goodness – even a couple months after completing this, I still have to take a moment to enjoy the after.

I’ve been working with this adorable mom for a while as we’ve traveled the road from one space to another. This small project was a definite win in our book! I first started by organizing her entire kitchen, then her pantry (here). But one of her biggest frustrations, and one she pointed out during our initial consult, was the cabinet full of kid’s plates, bowls, cups and lunch box gear. Every mom reading can relate. She has 2 lower cabinets (this being one of them) that are deep and wide. The cabinets at the time had one fixed shelf. We went back and forth over ideas of how to organize the cabinets, but ultimately what made the most sense (both logically and in the budget) was adding pull-outs.

A local company installed the pull-outs, then I returned to measure for containment. Was excited to see they installed 4 instead of just 2 wide pull-outs!


Measurements in hand, what made the most sense were cabinet-sized runners and mesh food storage organizers. They ended up fitting to near perfection, with only a little shimming to keep everything from sliding around.


I compartmentalized everything for ease of finding and putting away – cups, small bowls, plates, lunch box accessories, etc.



And added a simple label so that mom’s reminded exactly how to keep it all together.


If you’ve been looking for a simple solution for kid’s kitchen gear, I hope this helps you too! You can shop these products right here as well!…

Happy kitchen organizing!

(I linked up with A Bowl Full of Lemons)

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  1. Janelle says:

    Great post and perfect timing for this grandma! I’ve been scratching my head all week, trying to figure out the best way to corral these goodies. They seem to multiply on their own! 🙂 Going to order containers right now, thank you!!!

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