Simply Done: Her First Walk-In Pantry

Oct 27


What excites me more than a freshly organized space? Seeing the excitement in the eyes of the mom who owns the space! There is absolutely nothing better, I tell you!

And in this case it was a total pleasure organizing this pantry because it was her very first walk-in pantry. A modest size, but a walk-in none-the-less….and no one’s counting the square foot inches here. It’s a walk-in. Period. We were just happy and excited!

I also loved the fact we organized the space before a door was even on its hinges. haha! The best!

This adorable family is undergoing a renovation and mom just needed some solace in her kitchen. So as soon as the pantry paint was dry, I hopped over to take measurements and get to work. A few before’s…




To keep it simple and bright in here, I opted for a mix of mesh runners and baskets, turntables and clear containment


Whenever possible, I re-purposed her containment also. For example, the large containers for her flour, sugar, etc…she already had those and they were well-loved. Why ruin a good thing?…




My favorite part is that she can see and find it all…


This mom was a total doll to work with and can’t wait to come back to tweak her kitchen cabinet contents in a few months. If you love some of the ideas or products shared, you can shop this pantry right here!…

Happy pantry organizing!

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