5 Tips To Get Started As a Professional Organizer

Nov 3

Oh my goodness. To say I am overjoyed about this announcement is a total and absolute understatement. I’ve been secretly working on a side passion project for the last several months, just bursting to finally share it. If you or someone you know has been interested in getting started as a professional organizer, please share this post. Because my mini e-book and what’s to come is definitely not to be missed!

The top 2 e-mail inquires I receive regularly are from potential clients looking to hire me or notes from those who want to get started as an organizer but don’t know where to begin. Every day I’d receive e-mails from people around the World (seriously!?) wanting to pick my brain about how I got started. For a long while, I responded to each and every person individually. This became too much to handle, as there was generally a response from them. Then I’d respond. And so on. For weeks on end I would communicate back and forth which, as you can imagine, wasn’t sustainable. Not to mention, I was repeating the same thing over and over again to multiple people each week.

About a year ago, I moved to a draft-style e-mail. Basically, I had the reply draft sitting in the drafts folder. My drafted response offered a few bullet points but I also tweaked the response for each individual. Again this was taking a lot of time, but also gave me the chance to respond to my new online friends and also gave me a way to close out the conversation. I just had too much on my plate to respond to all of the e-mails. In my note, I mentioned I was working on something to share with everyone.

Of course, life gets busy and my idea to write a HUGE blog post or draft a massive e-mail or put together a big Periscope or FB Live schedule never happened. Then this Spring, my friends Abby and Donnie wrote me a note about their new e-book course called Book Boss. In my effort to support them (I’ll do anything for my fellow bloggers!), I purchased the course and figured I would use it later to write a how-to type organization e-book. When I dove into the program, it struck me – I should first consider writing a book about how to get started as an organizer. Why? Two reasons. Because that is one of the top TWO e-mails I receive each and every day (meaning people want info that I know). And an e-book is a great way to get that info to my friends sitting in waiting for that future “thing” I promised.

I’m an expert at starting a professional organization business…because I did it and continue to run my business every day. Done and done.

I decided the only way to truly help everyone was by sharing my personal experience and tips in one easy-to-read e-book. Not a blog post. Not an e-mail. This would allow folks access to pointed steps, get rock solid info out to my community of future organizers and keep myself sane…while still helping those who needed guidance and encouragement. I’m a helper and passionate about my business…so of course, I want to help everyone! But, sadly, I can’t help everyone individually. If I did I wouldn’t be able to organize – and that’s what this girl does full-time!…and wants to continue doing!


When the idea of writing a mini e-book struck, I wondered when and how I would find the time to write it. Between my full-time organizing business, blogging, mothering and running a home this was going to take time. And it did. Many months in fact. I carved out little pockets of time here and there…or when I had a burst of energy and determination. A few weeks ago, however, I decided to buckle down and wrap it up.

It’s done! And now you can get it for free!

I’ve put so much time and thought into not only this book, but a future larger scale e-book (which has already been started). So, this is just the beginning! And I’m really really excited about what’s ahead!

If you’ve been wanting to know more about how to get started as a professional organizer or if you’ve already put yourself out there but aren’t finding the work, this mini e-book includes my top 5 tips to get started…and where to find your ideal clients. In addition to receiving my e-book for free, when you sign up you’ll also receive exclusive e-mails in regards to our profession. And you’ll be the first to know about my future larger scale book, projects and more!

To receive my book and have access to my exclusive community, just sign up below! Look forward to seeing you and hearing about your success stories!

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  1. Tami Newman says:

    Sam, I’m a professional organizer and still want to read your mini book 🙂

  2. Kristine says:

    You are talking to me!! Can’t wait for the new year and what is to come. So excited (for both of us really!) Thanks for taking the time to put this together. My goal is to be you someday soon and I appreciate your thoughts on collaborating and not competing.

  3. Tiffany says:

    For some reason I never saw this post originally, but I’m excited to sign up and figure out if this is the right path for me.

  4. Shanda says:

    Your children are super gorgeous!! I admire you so much all the way from Houston, Tx. I’m a single mom that recently lost my job but always loved the idea of helping people starting w/my mom. I visit your page some days just for inspiration & uplifting God bless you & your gifts

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