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Dec 13

Winter holiday celebrations are known for gift-giving in abundance. Every celebration seems to get more and excessive. Perhaps feeling the pressure of big business advertising, we are conditioned to think that giving more means a happier season. So we spend more than we should and bring more stuff into our lives.

As a professional organizer, I see the results of too much clutter at holiday time – too many decorations and too many gifts that don’t really serve a purpose. More stuff doesn’t equal more happiness; in fact, cutting back on waste and clutter and enjoying a simpler, less-stressful holiday may make everyone enjoy the holiday more.

Here are a few suggestions to help make your holiday season less stressful.

  • Focus on keeping really sentimental items that you have room to store. Consider tossing, recycling or donating other items at the end of the season.
  • Use natural materials for decorating and wrapping presents. Natural materials such as evergreen branches, pinecones and berries (make sure children and pets can’t reach poisonous berries) can be composted or disposed of and don’t add to the carbon footprint.
  • Consider keeping only the decorations you truly love, even when you first open your packing boxes from last year. The rest – donate or throw out!
  • Let go of the idea of having a perfectly decorated home that looks like it came right out of a magazine picture. Focus on 3 areas – the front door, the tree and a focus point such as the fireplace or a side table to keep decorating to a minimum.
  • Let your kids – and your family members – know that you want less clutter for the holidays. Teach children that there are lots of ways to feel close and express your love for each other without have to buy so much stuff.
  • Consider giving an “experience” gift such as tickets to a play or going to a sporting event together. Those types of gifts not only help to reduce clutter but also build relationships.

Since stocking stuffers tend to be a major culprit of small “knick-knacks” that just lay around and clutter up the house, here are some of my recommendations for non-clutter stocking stuffers that will go easy on your wallet, reduce your stress levels and give your stocking-recipients lasting, positive feelings.

Key Catch – $11.99 for a set of 3 means you’ll never misplace those keys again. Think of the hours you’ll save!

Toy Driver – This little guy is worth its $10 price tag. Think of all those toys you’ll be adding batteries to come Christmas morning.

Ice Ball Maker – For those hard to shop for men and friends. Large, single ice cubes are on trend and this maker is just $6!

Gold Tassel Keyring – Beautiful and classic!

Stud Earrings – For just $10 these are stunning.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser – For your hard to please tween or teen girls!

USB Wrap & Charge – Will charge and keep you from tripping or seeing unsightly cords.

Running Belt – This gift is great for runners or walkers. And especially for those who don’t enjoy their phone wrapped around their arm.

Charging Bracelet – Too smart! And a set of 2!

Every Drop Lip Spatula – For $3 never waste a single drop of your favorite lip gloss or foundation.

Areaware Standing Pens – The pens are stylish and upright to save space on your desk!

Hope you found something for all the stockings in your life…or perhaps something for yourself!

Happy Shopping, everyone!

* some affiliate links have been used for your convenience.

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