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Jan 14

On Monday the 9th, I had the great pleasure to be interviewed live on the Evernote Facebook Feed. Honestly, it was more of a relaxed conversation led by fellow Bay Area professional organizer, Josh Zerkel. It was an incredible experience take I’d like to recap and share with you. And also keep it as a memory here on the blog.

I’ve mentioned that this year you’ll be hearing more from me on the topic of digital organization. But before I completely scare you off, keep in mind I’m taking the gentle route. We’ll be easing into the systems and methods I find am working for me and those who hire me. The timing of this FB Live couldn’t have come at a better time since this is a topic top of mind for me.

In my work and personal life, I’m seeing the increased need for digital organization. We live in a world with photos, papers, schoolwork, kids artwork (piles, piles, piles) and much more. But thankfully, we also live in a world where apps make scanning and organizing unbelievably easy. I’m talking “no-brainer-easy”. I know, it’s hard to make the leap and am not suggesting you give up your paper planner. I’m certainly not giving up mine! But there are circumstances in which organizing / filing digitally just makes sense.

Why I Love Evernote!

Evernote is my go-to digital organization platform. It’s where I store everything from notes as basic as blog topic ideas to more detailed topics such as filing client receipts. Personally, I don’t keep images in Evernote – instead my focus is paper, both personal and business. To make it clear you can definitely add images to the platform, but I just choose not to store every image in my life there.

This New Year, Evernote wanted to share more than digital organizing topics with their friends and fans. Their goal is to help people start the new year clean, organized and efficient. This FB Live event was the first of many they’ll be sharing – so make sure you like their FB page to stay up to date on the details!

Anyway, they contacted me to talk on the subject of home organization. If you missed the event, you can see the 45 minute video here:

Yes, grab a cup of coffee or tea (wine, perhaps?) and relax because this isn’t a quick one…but worth the watch!

I mentioned that Josh is a fellow professional organizer. He’s happens to be incredibly brilliant and wish our off camera conversation (where I definitely felt more relaxed) could have continued. For those who have contacted me about becoming a professional organizer, I’ve mentioned that organizers can specialize in a variety of areas. For example, Josh doesn’t like to organize “the stuff”, but instead is an expert in digital organization. Of course, this is why Evernote adores and employs him. I’m different in the fact that I love nothing more than dealing with “the stuff” and my focus is to make sure you can put it away efficiently, leaving you with even more space.

I love spending time with organizers who specialize in different niche markets because I always – always – learn something new. Josh is amazing! If you’d like to get to know him and his work, please check out his site – Custom Living Solutions.

Here’s me and Josh in front of their amazing chalk wall in the Evernote lobby…

Lolitta, the social media guru at Evernote, gifted me a bag of fun items as a thank you for joining them…

The only reason I am sharing this gift bag with you is because of one of the gifts inside…

I’m about to nerd out pretty hard here but that Moleskine!!!

evernote moleskine

Am I the last person on Earth to know Evernote has their own Moleskine Squared Smart Notebook? #supercrush  Their new Smart Notebook uses Evernote’s Page Camera feature to capture the pages of your notebook with your smartphone or tablet. Plus, each Evernote Smart Notebook comes with a 3 month Evernote Premium subscription! This is a great way to try their Premium membership for 3 months and on a budget.

Evernote Squared Smart Notebook features the unique “Evernote squared” page style with dotted lines designed to ensure a clean image when digitally capturing your notebook…

evernote moleskine

Smart Stickers introduce Smart Tagging into your workflow. When you capture a page with Evernote, the Smart Sticker icons become searchable, digital tags that make it easy to keep your ideas organized and to keep your digital and analog workspaces synced…

evernote smart stickers
Once in Evernote, you can search for your handwritten notes by keyword, tag, or just visually browse.

Really really cool! Told you I was about to get very nerdy. Obviously it doesn’t take much to get this organizer excited!

Looking forward to taking on digital organization with you guys! Do any of you already use Evernote? I’d love to know how you use it to stay organized! If you don’t use Evernote and would like to check it out, you can receive 30 free days of Evernote premium here with my referral link. Enjoy guys!

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  1. Shari Carter says:

    Digital organization can seem over-whelming, but I like your idea of starting out small. Nice post. Thank you!

    • Samantha says:

      Yes, when making the leap it’s best to start out small and slowly. It’s taken me a long time to get to the apps that work best with my crazy paper-obsessed brain. 🙂


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