Simply Done: The Ultimate, Open-Spaced Playroom

Jan 24

Playrooms should contain toys, arts & crafts and lego’s, but they should also leave children with plenty of room to play. There is nothing more special than a wide-open playroom full of sunlight and space to ignite the imagination. Yes, not everyone is blessed with an oversized room or loft for a playroom. But this idea can be applied to a small corner of your living room, family room or even your child’s bedroom.

Because when it comes to a playroom, less is always more. It’s less about the contents and more about their available space to play.

And of course, organization is key!

Last summer, I had the great pleasure of helping this sweet family transform a bright loft with zero storage into an organized playroom. I won’t show the full array of before shots because that just isn’t nice. They had recently moved to this home and this hardworking mother of 3 was fighting an uphill battle with zero storage up here. But this one image will give you an idea of how a playroom can appear without storage and systems in place…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

This large, oversized loft was the perfect place for 3 children. But what made the most sense was zoning it off into sections that would appeal to each. These little ones are all under the age of 5, so you can imagine the variety of toys to organize. Mom had a lot of great input on the zones, as well as the products she wanted for storing toys. That’s a plus for me because I aim to deliver a result they are very happy with. One that works for their family – not what I would like.

After sorting every last lego, train and block…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

We waited on the containment to arrive for assembly. She chose the Ikea Trofast series to give the kids access to their toys…and the ability to easily put the bins away when playtime was over.

I spent a day assembling all of the units and returned on another to make everything fit nicely in the bins…but also keep certain age-groups contained to one section…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

( low trofast )

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

Once everything was put away, I labeled the bins with chalk labels. These can be changed easily as toys come and go…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

This long section along the wall contains foam blocks, trains, cars, building toys and more for the younger two…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

( labels / chalk pen )

In this back nook, we added a gate so the oldest guy could have a space all his own to safely play with legos and art supplies…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

( tall trofast )

Near the window, we left a lot of open floor space for dressing up, playing kitchen and being kids!…

The Ultimate Open-Spaced Playroom!

I had the best time sorting toys in this beautiful loft and have enjoyed coming back to work on other projects, only to hear them playing and having a blast up here. Remember to keep playroom storage simple and easy. Bins make clean-up quick and I love the idea of “one in, one out” to keep the chaos under control.

Happy organizing!

The Ultimate Wide Open Organized Playroom!

I linked up with my friend Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick

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  1. Thanks for sharing this transformation! I worked on a very similar playroom that had zero storage and implemented many of the same IKEA systems that you chose. Great job!

  2. Kristine Sommers says:

    What a fantastic playroom! I love the storage system. Simple, yet practical and easy cleanup with a place for everything! Terrific job!

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