Video: A Professional Organizer’s Organized Fridge & Freezer

May 1

Hey guys! So so excited to be sharing a new video with you! It’s been a long time coming and, as I’ve mentioned before, hope to share many more of these. I think I have a good system down for editing, which definitely makes the entire process easier. Editing is about 80% of the battle, to be honest. Well, that and actually being in front of the camera. But I’ve thrown in the towel and decided that off the cuff / as unedited as possible works best for me. I use iMovie to edit and there’s a super easy function for uploading from iMovie directly to YouTube – yay! Anyway, I couldn’t wait to finally share a more detailed look into my organized fridge and freezer so that’s what this video is all about today!

Occasionally on Instagram I share my Sunday fridge…

Organized and Healthy Fridge

Organized Fridge by Simply Organized

These are some of my most liked images…which is always funny to me – and equally flattering. I really do enjoy a well organized fridge, but most importantly I do this to help the week run smoothly. We eat healthier. I always have meals prepped for long work days. Making lunches is a breeze. Dinner is WAY less stressful too because everything is ready to go or planned out. So, in all honesty, I do this because it takes the complication out of life. But apparently, my friends love to see an organized, pretty looking fridge too. And I have no problem with that!

If you aren’t following me on IG, I wish you would! It’s so fun over there and we have built a great Simply Organized community. Everyone is engaged and chatty and people share their own tips in the comments. But I also pop in from time to time to share a Live feed…if you can catch me (there isn’t a replay), those are always fun / interesting. I’m typically off the cuff and in rare form (read = very caffeinated). I usually follow up a Live IG feed with a Facebook Live, and those are viewable after I’ve ended the broadcast.

After sharing the Live Feeds I was blown away by the interest in my fridge and those who e-mailed requesting the details of my containment, how I plan and prep for the week and more. So be on the lookout because there is going to be a lot of content around this topic here on the blog. And more videos about it too!

If you aren’t an IG or FB person, no worries – you can view a video of my organized fridge & freezer right here or on my YouTube Channel! Hope you enjoy the video and please leave any questions in the comment section – happy to help!

Thanks for watching and sharing, guys!

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  1. ellie says:

    Thank you! I loved this video and can’t wait for the ones about food/meal prep and prepping food for kids. That’s really true that kids do eat a lot of the same foods so it should be fairly simple. Very inspiring!!

  2. Michala Haresnape says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Sam, you should do more videos you come across very well in them. I love following your blog and IG account. I’m in the middle of a house renovation and am waiting on a new fridge, but I have my glass containers ready and am trying to do more snack and meal prepping. I live in Surrey in the UK, I’m a mum to three children and I teach part-time as well. I need your tips to help me with my busy life! Thanks again Sam!

  3. grablelisa says:

    Thanks for these great ideas! It’s new to me to think of the fridge like it’s an empty bookshelf.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for this video! I loved it! Using square or rectangular containers is such a great suggestion!

  5. Mary says:

    What do you do with sliced bread? I put mine in the fridge cause it goes bad so quickly on the counter.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Mary,

      My sliced bread is in a cabinet and it never goes bad! (I buy oroweat, in general) If I have french bread or rolls, however, those have to go in the fridge – and those are only occasional items around here.


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