Bikini Fitness Training Update: Stress Fractures and Workout Clothes

Apr 19

How’s that for a blog title? Yes, sadly my fitness training update includes an injury / minor set-back. But I’m going to make it as fun as possible by sharing some of my favorite new workout clothes and my organized fridge. Gotta find that silver lining, right?


Very long story short, 3 weeks ago I did something to my ankle while running sprints on the treadmill. It was after I returned from a week of projects in LA, including Alli’s closet. Although in LA I had been on my feet all day working, it wasn’t a workout. When I returned, I hit the gym Friday and then again on Saturday. However, on Saturday I went leg heavy. Then I ended my workout with sprints – 30 seconds off, 30 seconds on…10x in a row. Around sprint 4, I felt a kink in my ankle, but kept going. #badideasam

On my way out of the gym I was limping pretty badly. I figured I twisted something and headed home to elevate and ice. A couple days later the pain was still there but getting worse. I went to the Dr who immediately suggested at least an x-ray…which showed no breaks = Good news. But I didn’t really leave with more of an answer other than Advil, elevate, ice and stay off your feet for a while = Bad news.

Yea, like that’s going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I did try. Every chance to sit and ice was taken advantage of. Just hard to do as a mother of 3. I did adjust my work schedule. I had a few days here and there when the pain wasn’t so bad and was able to walk well enough, but it was getting more and more swollen…

So I headed in to see an Orthopedist who quickly told me I had a stress fracture. Ouch. And these are not visible on an x-ray. A stress fracture is a hairline crack in a bone that can worsen during activity over time. I had all the symptoms too because if you do in fact have one, your pain and swelling increases with more activity – but decreases when you are off your feet. I had no idea this could have been the issue otherwise I would definitely have stayed off my feet a whole lot more to speed the healing.

I left her office in a boot, but that only lasted 3 days because (and you’ll agree if you’ve ever been in one) the pain became even more intense. To the point I would rather have been crawling on pebbly, cracked, uneven asphalt with no hand / knee pads than walking on my feet. The pain was seriously that bad.

Honestly, it was so bad I worried that maybe the additional walking I had been doing on the ankle (there was a week between the x-ray and official fracture diagnosis) may have caused it to go ahead and break. So I headed back for a second x-ray to be extra sure. Ultimately, I was fine and there isn’t a break. But she let me not wear the boot anymore and instead wear a super tight ankle brace that has been giving me so much comfort and support. I found it at my local drug store and it’s everything! She sent me home with crutches too, that I use when I have a long distance to walk – such as the little league ball fields.


This may sound crazy, but my emotional state took a nose dive over the last several weeks with all of this happening. Why?

On the one hand, I’m so dedicated to this goal and seeing incredible results. An injury that keeps me from continuing my workouts as usual has been tough. I’m just that personality type – when dedicated to something, I’m in 1,000%. Maybe that’s not the most healthy characteristic, but it’s me and as an adult have learned to embrace it.

I’ve been so so SO down in the dumps about not being on track. But as I said all along, I’m not actually competing. I’m doing this for me. This reminder each time I start to beat myself up has been helpful. There isn’t a hard deadline hanging over my head because I’m not actually competing – it’s just for you, Sam.

On the other hand, I’ve also shared this previously, working out is my therapy. It’s my outlet. I give myself to my clients, my family and my children – constantly. I need a place that’s only for me and a place to work it all out of my system. I throw on my headphones, tune out the World and let go for 60-90 minutes. Not having that outlet has been incredibly tough. I’ve realized just how important the outlet is for my overall mental health and wellness by not having access to it every day.

Always looking for the positive, I at least have been able to spend a little time searching for healthy meal plans (soon I’ll be sharing more of those type of posts – along with meal planning). And also shopping online for new workout clothes.

What else is there to do while sitting on your rear end nursing an ankle?


Organized and Healthy Fridge

( glass containers | plastic container )

Every Sunday my fridge gets wiped down and I grocery shop. Not everything is chopped / prepped in advance because some items wouldn’t last long. I’m going to share a lot more about meal planning / prep, but this is generally how my fridge looks from week to week. Look forward to sharing more details soon!


Like, a lot of workout clothes.

Fashion isn’t my thing, but do have this newfound love for cute, comfortable workout clothing. It’s what I wear on the job too, so it’s plays double roles. This has been my go-to outfit for work lately…

Cute Workout Clothes

( jacket | tank | pants | shoes )

But I can fly from work to the gym in this as well. And do.

When it comes to regular, work or workout clothes one thing I always do is buy classic. And purchase for the long haul. Sometimes I may spend a little more, but my clothing lasts years. Seriously – years. I just went through my closet last week before leaving on Spring Break. I pulled out 2 bags of donations and most of the clothing was purchased 4-6+ years ago….before I moved back to California. Some was in great shape too – just wasn’t my style. And because I recently purchased a few new items, it was time to remove some stuff anyway.

I always go with classics that can be paired with other things…and purchase things that last a long time.

This image includes another outfit I love…and shows you a bit of a “body update” too. You can see I’ve been arm focused…for obvious reasons…

Cute Workout Clothes

( top | cropped pants )

Couple things before I continue…

  1. Apparently one of the kids smeared something on my mirror. You’ll see it in the below images. #lifewithkids
  2. If I’m going to share these types of updates / clothing finds – I need a better lit spot in the house.
  3. I’m not a big fan of Lululemon, but did manage to find a couple cute things there. Normally their clothing doesn’t fit my body very well. I have to size up and up and up on the bra tops to the point that there isn’t support underneath my cup. And their pants make me look like I don’t have a butt. Anyone relate? I feel like most of their clothing isn’t flattering ON ME. Other people I know look amazing in Lulu…but I rarely feel comfortable. So I was shocked to find a couple things that actually work. Typically I buy Zella or random brands I scope here and there.

Moving on…

This is an old Lulu top from a couple years ago that is similar to the black version I’m sharing below. But I like how if I’m doing something particularly sweat-producing, I can tie up the back…

Cute Workout Clothes

( pants )

Cute Workout Clothes

( top )

You can see it tied up in the back here…

Cute Workout Clothes

I don’t always bare my midriff, but these are great for at-home workouts…

Cute Workout Clothes

( top )

Cute Workout Clothes

( top – and on sale! )

Cute Workout Clothes

Truth…this is by far my favorite top. I had a credit from a recent return and was SO excited to find this workout top that is super lightweight, pretty AND…..

Cute Workout Clothes

…covers your rear!…

Cute Workout Clothes

AND it’s on major sale! Was $125, now $43!!

It’s really cute…am thinking about ordering another white and one in black as well because I have a feeling this will become a go-to top for a long long time…

Cute Workout Clothes

Since I’m carrying enough stuff to the gym these days to need a bag, I purchased this one

Cute Workout Clothes

( headphones )

Cute Workout Clothes

It’s the perfect size for gym gear but also for a 1-2 night trip / carry-on. Love the size and it’s very lightweight!

So, there’s my long update – for the moment. I have more to share, including workouts and meals. All coming soon! Going to try finding a better spot in the house for photos, trouble is – my only full length mirror is right here.

Hope you guys are doing well and thanks for hanging in there for this long read!



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  1. Jen says:

    Hi Sam, I feel your pain! Last Oct I ended up with a high ankle sprain… they say it is better to break your ankle than end up with this sprain. I was told it would be about 3 months to heal! 6 weeks with a boot and then walking with a brace like yours. I did get clearance after a few weeks to swim laps. For me it was a great way to exercise without straining my ankle and it is an awesome overall body workout. Definitely check with your doctor first but maybe swimming would help you feel better (I too feel better with regular exercise in my life). Hope your ankle heals quickly!

    • Samantha says:

      Oh wow – so sorry to hear! Thank you so much for sharing your experience too. Good idea…may consider when the weather gets a bit warmer. The pool at my gym is outdoors and it’s not quite warm enough yet. And my own pool at home is freezing still. 🙂 Thank you!!!!


  2. ellie says:

    Love this! Way to stay positive. I can’t wait for the meal prep posts!

  3. looking good Samantha. I also hope your ankle gets better….Millie from:

  4. Tracey (From KY) says:

    Do you have to go back to the store during the week, or does this last you until the next Sunday?

  5. Pam says:

    I coach track and field, and when one of my athletes is injured, I get them in the pool with a flotation belt on. You actually run in the pool, in the deep end with the belt keeping you afloat!! It keeps your aerobic ability up, without putting stress on your bones or joints!
    So, as soon as that water warms up, maybe give it a try?! Here’s to a speedy recovery!????????????????

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Pam,

      Thank you so much for your response! This is SO SO helpful, can’t thank you enough! For sure when the pool is warmer (seems to be getting colder up here in SF!) I will make my way to the pool to do exactly what you mentioned. Thank you again!!


  6. Daisy says:

    Hi Sam. I love all your posts, including the workout and meal planning ones, but my favorites are still the simply organized ones.
    But anyway I am very sorry to find out about what happened to you. And the word “rest” with kids does not exist. I hope and pray that you feel better soon. Take care.
    The workout clothes are very cute ????

  7. Jodi says:

    Hi Sam
    So sorry to hear about your injury.
    I have a curious question for you. I love your stories about your family but I’ve never heard you talk about your husband? I’m assuming your married but not sure.
    Just curious. ????
    Love the pics and blog posts.
    Keep them coming!
    Merry Christmas ????????

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