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Apr 18

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter! I have a couple lengthy, personal posts that I’m working on, but am having internet issues. We’re on Spring Break this week and am taking the kiddos to Chicago for a few days. Wi-fi is spotty and keeping me from uploading photos. I have a LOT of photos to share in these posts, which are always necessary for a Sam blog post.

Lately I realized I’ve been sharing so many client projects and haven’t spent as much time sharing personal posts. Yes, I’ve shared a few recently, but nowhere near the amount I’d love to share with you guys! And certainly not with any type of normalcy / schedule. That’s going to change and I’m detailing more about it in one of those posts. Hang in there!

In the meantime, guess what? I have another quick client project to share – haha!

Still love me? Ok, good!

A few weeks ago I shared a beautiful garage that I helped design and organize. Remember this beauty?…

Still gives me all the good chills when I think of how this space transformed. We even did the epoxy flooring out here. With this end result, you’d figure we were done. Nope.

Mom’s goal was to be able to hose / sweep out the garage completely – with absolutely nothing on the garage floor. So the last final detail was getting the bikes, scooters and helmets mounted vertically…

Garage Bike Organization

The Elfa sale was going on when we designed this small-scale, easy project so for about $130 we got everything up off the floor. And in no time…

Garage Bike Organization

In many Elfa-related design posts I’ve mentioned my love of this system because it’s easily updated / changed. It can grow with you forever…because let’s face it, The Container Store is never going to phase out this best-seller. Ever. When the kids are a bit bigger, the bikes can move up the wall or instead be mounted vertically. For now, mom wanted them this way in order for the kids to get them down and put them back all on their own.

There are several methods for mounting bikes vertically in a garage. The above is one way, but this is another option

Or something like this set-up by Monkey Bars

Mom didn’t feel the kids were ready for that quite yet so we used a horizontal mount on the Elfa track to make it work. And then later, we can simply swap out the attachment from horizontal to vertical…yes, on that same Elfa track!

This project is very easy and if you’d like to tackle it yourself this spring along with other home projects, you can find everything I used right here…

Now – now – we can call this garage a done deal!

Do you have any garage projects planned for the Spring? Be sure to let me know – I love hearing all things garage organization!

Happy organizing, friends!

Vertical Kids Bike Organization by Simply Organized


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