A Day in The Life

Aug 30

Since starting my business I’ve been hoping to share a “day in the life” post with you guys. I get a lot of questions about how I plan and own my day – between blogging, working with clients, shopping / returns, gym time, meal prep, the kids, house stuff, school stuff and more…it’s no wonder people are curious to know how it all gets done. Well, this much I can tell you – it doesn’t all happen in A single DAY. Every day is different around here. It’s a circus…a highly managed, planned circus. And I can’t wait to share my post with you next week on September 6!

Leave it to my blog friends, Christy & Amy of 11 Magnolia Lane, to kick me in the rear and finally get my first post pulled together. (I’d love for this to be ongoing so you can see how other days in my life roll out.) They are hosting a fun 2-part series where bloggers give you a glimpse into what their typical day looks like. We are also going to share tips and tricks about how we stay organized and efficient. And I’m in amazing company…

Look at these beautiful women!

Today, August 30, you can click over to read how these fine ladies spend their day…

Christy of 11 Magnolia Lane

Jennifer of Dimples & Tangles

Amanda of Dixie Delights

Rebekah of A Blissful Nest

Then next week, on September 6, come back again to snoop around even more…

Amy of 11 Magnolia Lane

Haneen of Haneen’s Haven

Megan of Honey We’re Home

Julie of Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Mallory of Style Your Senses

Erin of Sunny Side Up

Me here on Simply Organized

I hope you enjoy today’s crew of blog posts…I’m on my way there now. I love to scope out what other people do with their days – what they are eating, wearing, how they organize their schedule and more.

Enjoy guys! Can’t wait to share my post with you next week!




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