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Aug 31

Last year was the first time in my 6 years of blogging that I hosted a survey and the feedback was incredible. Truly. Not only did I enjoy reading the positive feedback and hearing the constructive criticism, but I got to know YOU better. One biggie was that I had been sharing blogging tutorials only to find out almost none of you were blog writers. Ha! Look at that!

To be totally honest, I am at a major crossroads in my business. There’s been a lot going on in the background – positive and negative. I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, like being the keynote this November for the Professional Organizers in Canada’s conference…and I can now pretty much announce I’m a new independent professional organizer with The Container Store. There’s been a lot lot lot going on…and one big change you’ll notice in the coming months is a business name change. Possibly even a blog name change. I can’t wait to share the entire story behind this development and why I’m doing it. I have exciting plans for the business once all is said and done.

But here’s a couple things I’ve been battling internally about the blog. (seriously, ask my VA – I think she’s going to quit! haha!):

  1. Are you enjoying the content?
  2. What the heck is up with this newsletter thing???

#2 is a biggie for me and I’m REALLY hoping my reader survey helps me finally nail this down. I’ll talk more in depth about this later, but to be honest – I am not a fan of newsletters. Period. There’s been too much pressure from the outer community that I *should* be writing one and I *should* be doing this or that in terms of an email list. I get the importance of staying connected, but aren’t my blog posts enough? Then maybe I throw in an occasional newsletter from time to time?

I’m very guarded with my time – I feel like no matter what I’m doing, someone is trying to steal it away from me and e-mail is a HUGE issue. I want my time guarded in my e-mail inbox as well. I am guessing you feel the same. So the idea of adding ANOTHER e-mail to your inbox doesn’t sit well with me. In addition, I struggled each time I sat down to write one. If I’m going to send something, it needs to be packed with value. It’s your precious time…why else would you read it unless you knew it had something amazing to offer. And I felt like most of the content I was sharing in the newsletter was lack-luster.

At this point I’m leaning into the idea of going old school…those days when I published a blog post and it arrived in your inbox. Simple. But I don’t know if that’s what YOU want. So as you can guess, this question is in this survey. And it’s probably the most important question in my book.

If you could spare just a moment of your time, I’d love and SO appreciate your feedback in my annual survey. It means so much to hear from you and your feedback is what will drive the future direction of the blog posts and newsletters.

Thank you, guys!

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  1. Leslie Jones says:

    Something is wrong with the survey. When you click on something it bounces you up to the top.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Sam, there’s something wrong with the questionnaire….every time I try to tap on an answer, it jumps me down to the bottom of this page. 🙁

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