How To File If You Pile

Aug 8

Are you a piler? Someone who, out of natural habit, sets papers down in a pile. But then when it’s time to find something, you’re frustrated because you dig, shuffle and sort? Then realize, it’s not *that* pile the paper you’re searching for is in. Maybe it’s that pile over there? Or that one in the kitchen? Or that one in the living room?

There’s nothing wrong if you’re a piling-typa-gal (or guy). All good! This may just be the simple system to get your papers out of a pile and sorted vertically.

How To File Papers if you Pile

I’ve shared this simple yet effective free-standing acrylic file before. It has worked well for mom clients…

And has worked very well for me too!…

I use one myself to contain my current / active client files and notes. This is for a whole other blog post (which is coming this Fall!), but I’m on a mission to get as much paper as possible out of this office. During my office re-design I’m aiming for a desk with minimal filing space. But of course, I am still going to have some papers that need to stick around – taxes, receipts, school papers, client notes, and more. It’s good to know I have this system to fall back on that can be tucked away in a cabinet or still look pretty on a desktop.

How To File Papers if you Pile

Later this week I’m setting up a system just like this for a work-at-home mom so I was reminded just how useful it can be. Especially with the upcoming school year upon us. She and her husband are hoping to clear the decks in their home office and this system is all they need for the amount of paper they showed me.

This system is great for school papers too! As I mentioned – is still pretty enough for a desktop so would work just fine on a kitchen counter. Or in your little office landing spot / command center in the kitchen.

How To File Papers if you Pile

( acrylic file | file folders )

This acrylic file is available at The Container Store and they also have a huge variety of hanging files in loads of pretty colors. Mine shown here are gray. But there’s plenty bright and fun colors to choose from.

How To File Papers if you Pile

I photoshopped the names on my hanging file tags for privacy, but mine are all labeled with client last names and have been SO helpful in keeping up with receipts, items to purchase, new projects we are looking forward to working on together. As my office transforms, I’m thinking about adding a file just for business papers that I need to track throughout the year for tax purposes.

How To File Papers if you Pile

If you’re a piler, I have seen this system work well for many of organizing clients. Moms especially have fallen for it! The ideas for how to use this are really endless!

And I love that the system is portable!

How To File Papers if you Pile

( smart bar under computer )

Side note: If you happened to notice my desktop calendar, I am in LOVE with this! Every month this very generous blogging duo offers a new calendar for your desktop. For free! It’s seriously something I look forward to every single month. Something so simple yet makes me smile! Definitely take a look and subscribe to their site so you never miss a new calendar each month! I added her to my Bloglovin account so I never miss out. You can grab your August desktop calendar here.

Hope this filing system is an easy solution that helps you work toward not piling as much paper…and finding what you are looking for quickly!

Happy paper organizing!

If you tend to pile papers, this is a great simple solution to get your papers vertical and sorted. No more searching!

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  1. I feel like that first paragraph was written directed to me. Thank you so much for these tips!!

  2. Katie says:

    Can you share tips on what categories from pile to file you use and how you actually implement it – daily / weekly. I know that I need to file the papers however the piles still seem to grow ????

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