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Apr 20

Confession: Best professional organizer for hire right here….Not so great at scheduling organization time for myself.

If you noticed I haven’t been around here on the regular the last several months (going back to fall, I think!) it’s because of my growing business. #countingmyblessings! I absolutely love what I do and it’s been proven that I’m doing something right / something I love by the volume of clients. I am so so grateful! And having a great time while doing it!

But again, as stated in the beginning of this post…great at helping other people get organized…not with carving out the time to organize myself.

When my own lack of organization starts impacting important parts my work flow, time to tap the brakes, take a moment to breathe and re-organize. To take back the reigns, I spent an hour over the weekend setting up my very own “action center”. This is a system I help moms implement for a variety of paper issues. Moms do it all and need a hub where active papers live. Something easy to access but equally as easy to put away. Binders are great, but in my expert experience have found they aren’t as simple to maintain going forward. May sound silly, but we struggle with putting things back into a binder or a sheet protector or file pockets. However, sliding something in/out of an open-topped file works pretty darn good!

I’ve previously shared this stunning upright file system as shown recently in a client’s home office…

This pretty, classic and simple acrylic file holder can be your action center for every day papers. It keeps paper clutter to a minimum, is portable / lightweight, can be filled with beautiful hanging file folders, is compact enough to tuck away in a cabinet and can be used for anything. After helping moms organize office papers or turning this gem into action centers for the overwhelming amount of school paperwork, I decided it would certainly be the answer to my current business snafu…

…misplacing client shopping receipts and space measurements.

Yes, that was happening.

If I’m shopping for someone at The Container Store, chances are I’m also shopping for 2-4 other people that same day. I currently keep their paperwork in a file, but the files in my work bag were getting mixed up and receipts ended up in my wallet instead of their folder. When it came time to invoice, forget about it. I was a lost cause. Took me 3x as long to reconcile product costs.

No more thanks to my new client action center…which is portable and can go along with me. Or I can just pull out a single file if I’m focusing on one person for the day or week…

Action Center by Simply Organized

Finally. An action center of my own!

This desktop file holder is ONLY for active clients. Clients that have graduated / moved on / don’t need help at the moment are filed away somewhere else…

Organized Action Center by Simply Organized

Each file is labeled with a last name, but has been blurred out to protect the innocent – ha!

My acrylic hanging file is filled with light gray folders…gray is one of my favorite colors…

Organized Action Center by Simply Organized

I think the gray looks so pretty, calming and classic here on my desk. But don’t get me wrong, I love that crisp teal green / Tiffany blue as well…

Organized Action Center by Simply Organized

This acrylic beauty can be found at The Container Store for a minimal cost of $25.

Organized Action Center by Simply Organized

Or if you’re looking to go ultra glam, this Russell & Hazel version will set you back a cool $75 (or more!)…

Organized Keyboard on Simply Organized

Happy paper organizing everyone! It’s Thursday!!

Action Center by Simply Organized

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  1. Robyn says:

    It’s funny Samantha……I’m feeling the same way right now, I’m helping everyone else with their organization and my house feels like its falling apart LOL, I need to make time to practice what I preach! Your space looks fabulous! Happy Organizing!

    • Samantha says:

      Yes! This is my life at the moment! And I’m too exhausted at the end of the day to do anything but lay down…and blog of course. Ha!

      Happy organizing to you! I’ll be sure to check out your site!


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