Simply Done: A Magazine-Worthy Kitchen

May 27

This organizer is beyond grateful to walk into any home that needs help with organization. But as of late, I’ve been walking into some seriously magazine-worthy spaces. In fact, this home was already featured in one! Better Homes & Gardens Before & After, to be exact.

I didn’t know this small detail before the consultation. Wasn’t until I arrived that the homeowner proudly shared the magazine with me. And proud she should be. This home is one in which I walked through without a single word uttered. Just sounds of my breath being taken away. No joke. A truly stunning, yet warm and livable home.

And for the most precious family of 4!

Additionally, it was a total pleasure to be referred in by fellow colleague and friend, Nicole of Eye For Pretty. Nicole and I met over Instagram a few years ago. She lives a few miles from me and as an interior designer, she is the perfect compliment to my services. I have a few designers I refer to, honestly – depending on the style and budget point of the family I’m working with. Over the years in business I have learned that having a great list of designers to refer out to is imperative.

Lines become easily blurred with design and home organization. I definitely draw a hard line when you ask me about textures, colors and fabrics. Eeeek…so hard for this girl to conceptualize. Give me any space to design with an organization or space planning eye and I’m on it. 100%. But when it comes to interiors – fabrics, lighting, furnishings, paint – I give it up to the true designers.

Anyway, Nicole and I became fast friends after finally connecting in person. She had recently renovated her kitchen and called on me to help get it organized. Of course, while writing this post, I realize I never shared her organized kitchen with you guys. What is up with me??? Add that post to my to-do list stat! Sneak peek…

Sam of SO Home Interviewed Live

Nicole spent months working on the interior of this beautiful Alamo, CA home. Seriously, it is gorgeous. Even my 2 sweet assistants who came to work with me were completely blown away. Speechless. It’s truly a beautiful home!

See what I mean?!

Nicole very kindly referred me in to help with organization after the family officially moved in. This sweet mother of 2 was a little overwhelmed with all the newfound space. She wasn’t sure where to put everything. Using ZERO products, we organized the drawers and cabinets for maximum efficiency. And she still has plenty of room to grow! Hopefully not too much through – ha!

Some drawers were wide open and ready for a few items…

While other drawers were custom made to fit plates, bowls, utensils and spices…

The butler’s pantry is a dream come true, with another full size fridge and freezer (freezer not pictured on the right)…

And I’m returning soon for a few small edits to the actual pantry. It’s really beautiful and not in need of anything but a few containment items. My goal is to keep each space with as minimal product as possible.

I have a more projects yet to come in this gorgeous home. But I couldn’t wait to share this remarkable kitchen and butler’s pantry first!

I hope you’re enjoying this long holiday weekend and look forward to sharing more with you soon!



Some photos taken by Amy Bartlam Photography


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  1. Rachel says:

    Fabulous kitchen. The simple minimalistic lines with the warm timber really create an atmosphere I love. Well done.

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