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May 25

Happy Happy Friday! More than ready for this long weekend, how about you?

Am working from home today on all things office. With how booked business has been (yay!) I need at least one solid day a week to play catch up. A day I can turn off the phone, turn on music and sit at my desk for hours. May sound painful to some, but it’s a day I truly enjoy. Feels good to be completely (for the most part) caught up on lingering items while also having downtime to myself.

Bookkeeping is my least favorite task. Anyone looking for a job??

I also spend most of my day responding to e-mails, finishing designs / product sourcing for the following weeks projects, getting distracted, putting together and updating to-do lists, getting up to have a snack, editing photos, writing a blog post (currently – yay!)…yada yada.

One big project I’m hoping to tackle in the coming weeks on office days is developing a few work-flow systems. For example, once I complete a project, I need a work-flow for where the images go (off my phone, of course!) and in what order. Photos are shared on social channels, but they also need to go to the new website portfolio, onto the blog section of the new site, to my iPad portfolio (which I bring along with me to consultations), and ultimately I would like them uploaded here on the blog so I can write about them when I have the chance. There’s so many moving parts to this business that having defined, clear work-flows would also let me bring someone else on board to handle that piece. Again, anyone looking for a job? haha!

Needless to say, these are important tasks I will eventually get to. Just need to carve out the time and make each a focused priority. One at a time. You guys know me – it will happen. Hopefully this summer when my schedule slows a bit.


While I’m working from home I love to light a candle on my desk. When I’ve shared my love of candles, I generally receive a few comments or emails about trying essential oils. I am interested and will at one point look into oils, but wanted to share something new I recently discovered and am totally loving! It’s a diffuser called Aera and it’s awe-some. Seriously.

*they aren’t paying me to say this, by the way!

( desk | wall shelves )

Do you see that little box? That’s it…

It’s discreet and quiet and you would never know it’s a diffuser. Also, you would never know how smart it is. It has its own app where you can adjust the intensity of the scent AND power it on or off. So so cool!

They have a variety of scents and their packaging is really beautiful. I’ve been using vanilla and it’s heaven!

I’ve been enjoying this in my office but could see a reason to grab another one for the playroom or the kids end of the house – where their bathrooms are located. *hint hint* This really is an incredible product! If you’ve been looking for something similar, check them out and use code SIMPLYORGANIZED15 for 15% off until June 30! (This is not an affiliate code – just wanted to share the discount!)


You guys, I really wish I had more time to write and share about projects. Sorry I’ve been a blog-slacker. I know, I’m a broken record, but time is limited and by the end of the day I’m exhausted. And any small amount of free work time I have has been spent on the new website uploading projects / editing the site design. Don’t forget to jump over there from time to time to see what’s going on!

I miss blogging regularly very very much. I’m trying to unfold the balance – I know it’s there. Just need to know how to make it all happen. I think having that work-flow I mentioned will help a lot on that front.

In the meantime, I do always want to catch you up on the latest. So here’s some fun recents that I know you’ll enjoy!…


( bins | tags )

Can’t wait to share more of this truly beautiful space. This family of 6 is so gorgeous and their home is stunning. Was a total treat to organize their playroom! Love my favorite rugby striped bins!


( floor baskets | white bins | clear bins | canned food risers | turntables | brown baskets )

This walk-in pantry is organized for real life use. I sorted it all by broad categories and created zones for food vs paper products and still making room for some entertaining-ware up top. Can’t wait to share more of this space!


You guys know I love a good garage project. One full of clutter where we take it from sorting to design and all the way home to that perfectly organized finish. However, sometimes it’s fun to work in a garage that is already perfectly designed. Felt great to just pop into this space for just a couple hours to re-organize the contents. Love this cabinet of shoes!


This garage on the other hand was more time-consuming on the front end. We didn’t need to purge so much as I had to make a solid design plan and then implement. We added overhead shelving and wall shelving, then my team of 4 knocked out the organizing in just 5.5 hours. I was blown away by this record breaking project outcome! Can’t wait to share more details!



( drawer systems )

One of my top 5 projects includes updating a closet space without tearing down the existing system. Families can’t afford expensive custom closets for children. I love to create a game plan to work with what we already have. In this case, I removed the bottom hanging rod to add drawer systems. She had too much hanging space and no drawers in the closet. Her bedroom dresser was cramped, but not anymore. There’s room to breathe!


( stool | chair | space bar | wallpaper | tape dispenser | stapler )

My hair dresser is seriously incredible. I admire her hard work, dedication and everything about her personally. She has grown her hair salon business greatly in the time I’ve known her – which is just shy of 5 years. When we moved back to the bay area, she was the first person I was referred to for hair and am so glad it was her. She is amazing with hair color, has a beautiful business and family, and I’ve come to love her tremendously as a friend. She recently relocated the salon to a new space around the corner from the old one and this is her new office. Isn’t that wallpaper to die for?!


Sincerely can’t wait to share this gorgeous kitchen and pantry with you! But here’s a sneak peek from a professional photographer…

Photos by Amy Bartlam – Design by Nicole of Eye For Pretty

WOW is right!!

My dear friend and fellow blogging / business colleague, Nicole of Eye For Pretty, referred me to this family after she finished working on the home. Nicole is an incredible interior designer – creator of the most warm, lovely, fresh spaces. You must check her out if you don’t know her. And she’s a sweetheart!!!

As another local small business owner, we occasionally have the opportunity to refer clients to one another. It’s really a great asset to have these friendships and to be able to refer clients to someone you know, trust and admire…and someone who has a great sense of style. It’s good to have lots of tools in your toolbox and having a great referral list is high up on the priority – trust me. Anyway, any time someone refers me in – I’m honored and humbled.

This sweet homeowner just moved into the home and didn’t know where to put everything in the expansive kitchen and pantry. It was a total pleasure to come in one day to help her knock it out.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the glimpse in to just a few recents. There’s a lot more of them to share! Wishing you all a wonderful, long holiday weekend!




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  1. Stephanie says:

    The diffuser is so pretty and minimal, I love that!

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