How To Organize The Little Things

May 13

I am not the professional organizer who pushes product. Product doesn’t always solve a clutter issue. There’s certainly a time and place…and space…for products and containment. I’m here to offer suggestions based on the clutter / habits I encounter.

So whether in work with clients or sharing here on the blog, keep in mind I only suggest products I believe in and stand behind. Products that really do offer a variety of options to get you organized. And this is one of them…

I haven’t been to a Michael’s in years. Literally. When I say years, I mean it. At one point in time I used to be into scrapbooking for the kids…but you know how that hobby typically ends up. Michael’s was my go-to place for Martha Stewart scrapbooking supplies. Loved her stuff!

Since moving back to CA, I haven’t been to Michael’s. The other day I had to pop in for something and discovered these…

It’s single tilt bins that can contain / organize your small things and I fell in love!

( bins )

They connect side x side or top x bottom…

It’s a tight fit too! You can also wall mount these babies if you wish!

How do I plan to use these? As you can see, right now I am storing my glitter collection because my daughter has really been into that lately. I also have the washi tape stored here and my favorite file tabs that I use for active client files…

( bins )

But the possibilities for organizing your small items is endless. They make accessing your stuff easy…and clean up just as quick!

If you’re looking for something to contain your small things – whether in the office, craft room, playroom or garage – this is a great option! It’s at a pretty good price point too!

Hope May is going well for all of you! I’ve been booked solid – wondering what summer will bring. The last 2 summers have been pretty busy – a blessing, but I am really hoping to spend a lot of time with my kids this summer. I’m hoping for several trips and some time to recharge the Sam battery.

More to come you guys! Happy Mother’s Day to my mom readers! xoxo


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