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Sep 24

Here we are, 9 months into 2018…kids are back in school, routines are (hopefully) back in motion and we’re gearing up for another busy, fun holiday season. Where did the time go you guys?? There is no better time than now to get on top of meal planning so we feel healthy heading into the indulgent holidays.

I’ve shared my Sunday Fridge more times than I can count and it’s become one of the most engaging images I share on the SO Instagram feed…

Why are these images so popular? I think because the topic of meal planning resonates whether you’re a busy family, a busy business owner or a health-concious gym goer. Whatever the case – we all have to eat, want to eat healthy and take the guesswork out of “what’s for dinner?!”.

Meal planning is a pain point for many of us. How to organize your meal plan for the week (or month), how to be less wasteful, how to structure your shopping lists, and how to make it easy…not burdensome…to get your plan in place…and then into action. It can be overwhelming to get started and you may not be sure where to begin.

I have your answer!

At the start of the year I shared a great resource called The Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning bundle. The bundle was on sale for a short time then disappeared. But they surprised me today by sharing that it’s returned for a VERY short amount of time – just 48 hours, in fact! So if you were interested and missed the chance in January or you were searching online for meal planning resources and stumbled upon this blog post – you’re set! This is the bundle of info you need!


Today, you can get your hands on ready-made meal plans for just the way you eat—complete with shopping lists and fresh recipes—for a ridiculously low price.
It’s called the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle – back for just two days! – and here’s how it works:
It’s a complete meal planning solution made up of 10 mini-bundles.
Each bundle contains digital cookbooks, fresh meal ideas, and ready-made plans (and even grocery lists!). No matter how you eat, there’s a mini-bundle that’s perfect for you and there are two buying options:

Option 1:

Pick up just one mini-bundle for $27 that works best for your life right now – here is the list of 10 available mini-bundles for your review…

Option 2:

OR for less than the price of two mini-bundles, get the ENTIRE package with over 3,000 recipes and 100 weeks of made-for-you meal plans, so you’ve got total control no matter how your food needs change.
You really can get healthier, starting today!
Do not hesitate and pick up your copy of the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle (or any of the mini-bundles) right here!

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018


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