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Sep 22

No guessing that your girl keeps it simple around here. It’s all in the business / blog name. But when I say simple – I mean it! Organizing itself is the act of streamlining, simplifying, de-cluttering…giving you room and space and air to breathe. Getting organized is not about making life complicated, stressful or a burden to keep up with. It’s supposed to bring you freedom and peace.

When I organize for families, the end goal is delivering a functional space that works not only now but for the future. Families grow, evolve, change – and the organization systems need to do the same. I keep systems simple to maintain, realistic for their busy lifestyle and when product is incorporated it has to work for the now…and the long haul. It must be something we can tweak, adjust and move around later. If they are going to invest in organizing solutions, I prefer items that can be edited and re-purposed over time. Useful for more than one small phase of life.


When it comes to labeling these projects, I always keep it simple. For all my years in business, I’ve been exclusively using a P-touch label maker on all organizing projects. It’s not that I have the worst handwriting in the world, but there are days my hand isn’t as steady as it could be (ahem…too much coffee that morning)…and most importantly, we want to ensure the labels can easily be updated over time. P-touch TZe tapes come off clean and make updating a snap.

These labels are classic and simple. Timeless. They don’t rub off like a chalk or paint pen do – there is nothing more annoying than seeing a beautifully organized space with smudged labels. Trust me, I’ve seen this a lot in the field.

I love adding the labels to products…

Or adding them directly onto a drawer…

P-touch TZe tapes do not damage your furniture, drawers or shelf fronts. Again, I’ve used this label maker on nearly every project and have revisited / reorganized many spaces for families…I’ve removed / updated countless labels. Love how easy they are to work with!


I run through an incredible amount of P-touch TZe tape. For years I occasionally found myself on projects where I ran out completely. As a professional, it was embarrassing and frustrating. Earlier this year, I got myself organized and created a caddy system for all of my labeling gear. Remember this beauty?…

Still going strong today! It’s full of batteries for the P-touch, labeling pens and more. But most importantly, all of the tapes…

P-touch has so many beautiful colors. Don’t be fooled by my use of only clear or white tape. P-touch offers all sorts of colors – have a look!…

I’ve been looking for a reason to use the pastel shades – so pretty!

I’ve been sharing organization projects online for years. Recently P-touch discovered my use of their label maker and reached out to partner with us for the month of September. I was thrilled when they contacted us because I am all about celebrating your organizing efforts…and your time following along here / on social. I love to see how the spaces I’ve organized inspired you to tackle projects of your own! So P-touch and I have teamed up this month to see YOUR organization before & after photos!

Not only will you have a chance to win a P-touch label maker of your own, but you / your before & after will be featured on the Simply Organized Instagram Story and the P-touch Essentials Instagram Story too! So excited!!!


Get your before and after’s ready to share for your chance to win! Here’s how!…

  • Share your before & after organization image in an Instagram feed post or Instagram Story during the month of September
  • Include the hashtag #organizationenvy
  • Tag the @simplyorganized and @ptouchessentials Instagram accounts so that we are alerted
  • By uploading and using #organizationenvy you are giving Simply Organized the right to use your images
  • To be featured on P-touch Essentials, reply to their comment on your post with #brotheriagree. For more info, please read their terms and conditions.


Three winners will receive a PT-D400 label maker, two TZe tapes and be featured on our Instagram accounts – so fun!

Enter the giveaway right here!…
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We are looking forward to seeing your organization before & after photos! Thank you for joining us and we are excited to choose the winner in just a few weeks!

*I have partnered with P-touch Essentials for this blog post and giveaway. All opinions and commentary on my love of this label maker are 100% mine and genuine! 

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love my P-touch label maker, too!

  2. Sylvia Brown says:

    It’s definitely time for an upgrade.. I’ve had my p-touch since middle school! I’ve long since graduated from higher ed lol! I put my submission in my InstaStory @wander.savvy

  3. Lotty Nava says:

    I’ve been wanting a label maker badly! I just entered. Hoping I win but even if I don’t, I’m planning on buying it for myself.

  4. Vivian Neseim says:

    I love organization and your blog gives me so much inspiration!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m already dreaming of what I can label!

  6. I would LOVE TO WIN P-Touch label maker!! I have an old old label maker. I label EVERYTHING in the house.. it’s so sad that one time I had post a picture of dinner n my rice cooker was in the picture and that was the trending comment .. that even my rice cooker was labeled lol ???? i would love to win the P-touch so i can start on my pantry organizing.. i just switch all my plastic containers to glass and been waiting to see what I was gonna use for labeling my items inside the container!! ????????????????????????????????

  7. Lynna says:

    Growing up I had one of those old school label makers and I labeled EVERYTHING!! I need an upgrade for sure!

  8. Hayley Evans says:

    This would be so awesome. New to the organizing communinity and this would help so much!

  9. Jessica Luck says:

    I entered to win!! Just started my own organizing business and this would be awesome!! @jessluck.inspiringorganization

  10. Panita N says:

    Love your blog. Great stuff and so inspiring! Hope I win I definitely need the p-touch.

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