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Jan 21

Hi everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the long holiday weekend! Anyone working on home improvement projects or organizing?

It’s been raining here this weekend, but the weather today is incredible! I’ve been stuck inside most of the weekend writing Lowe’s project blog posts (can’t wait to share the next in line – an under stairs closet in a garage!! yay!), working on client designs / scheduling, taking photos, editing, and more. Today I finally let a friend twist my arm – she got me out of the house on a walk. The weather is perfect today!

Oh! I also hosted my great nephews 1st birthday party here on Saturday….so I guess I haven’t been that anti-social. haha!!

Feeling very grateful to be in the situation I’m faced with = more work than I know what to do with. But I’m not going to lie, it’s taking nearly every waking moment to stay on top of this beast. (Yes, I’ve hired and am continuing to hire / delegate…so some stuff is coming off my plate and it feels great!)

Anyway, as I’ve been catching up on writing and getting organized (anyone else using Airtable??? I AM OBSESSED!), I realized I had yet to share the January promotional offer for Grove. I know, it’s January 21 – haha!!! On rare occasions I share these offers because YOU receive FREE cleaning products. Who doesn’t love not spending money on this type of stuff? *raises hand* But this month I wanted to share the promotion because you are also receiving FREE cleaning supplies!

And I love them. LOVE! I mean it…

I’m not going to make this a big, involved, flowery post – just getting to the details so you can order your stuff right now. Before the month ends…which seems to be happening at a rapid pace.


As a new customer, when you place your first order of $20 you will receive the following items for FREE:

  • Free Grove Collaborative hand soap pouch
  • Free Grove Collaborative hand soap dispenser
  • Free Grove Collaborative bubble-up brush
  • Free Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges
  • Free shipping & free VIP trial

It’s true! Just purchase a couple bottles of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap or hand soap or any of the great environmentally friendly products on the Grove site – whatever it is to total at least $20 – and you’ll receive these!…

I love the Bubble Up Soap Dispenser…

It’s pretty and something I don’t mind leaving on the kitchen counter!

The Glass Hand Soap Bottle is a classic…

And you’ll receive a FREE 32oz Gel Hand Soap refill to load up your new bottle!…

Yes, there’s more – you’ll also receive a set of Walnut Scrubber Sponges AND a FREE VIP Trial with FREE shipping!

I hope by now you know I would never share anything unless it was worth your time…I wouldn’t promote something simply to make a buck (yes, this is an affiliate link…but I make mere cents on these types of things.). I do in fact order from Grove every month and appreciate that I can customize my cart and scents. Or not order anything at all, which was my case this month.

They also randomly include freebies in your orders. Last month I received a beautiful dish towel. They are SO nice to their customers!!


If you’re already a Grove member, you will instead receive a free set of Walnut Scrubber Sponges.


To receive these free gifts you need to click through my referral link here. If you go to the site and try to find the offer it won’t be there. You need to come through my link. I appreciate you doing that and can’t thank you enough for supporting this little blog!

My referral link!

Hope you totally love your order! It’s the little things that make cleaning and doing dishes more fun…I do love looking at these pretty supplies on my kitchen counter.

Back soon with more organizing fun!!



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  1. Bethany Culpepper says:

    I made my first order with grove this month and unfortunately my box was probably stolen after UPS dropped it off. I contacted Grove and they reshipped my order with all the freebie stuff at no cost to me. Their customer service was great. I’ll definitely be staying after my free trial ends.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Bethany!

      Oh my gosh – what a story! I have no doubt they didn’t replace the order for you – their customer service is incredible!!! So great to know you received your free set – isn’t it awesome?! Love the soap dispenser!


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