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Jan 13

In my New Year’s post I mentioned we’d be playing catch up. And do I ever I mean that. Not only will 2019 be a year full of new projects…but 2019 will go down as the year of 2018…and a little bit of 2017.

I mentioned 2018 was brutal personally. Professionally I nailed more targets than I could dream of. But personally I finalized a divorce and every single moment of free time was dedicated to being totally present with my kids. While projects were churning away, they weren’t making it here to the blog because my writing tends to happen in the evening or on weekends. With that time reserved to be a mom, you weren’t seeing much. I am sorry about that….but also SO excited to share it all with you this year. Having a little time lapse gives me great perspective as I write about these spaces too.

Anyway…I couldn’t wait to share Nicole’s kitchen with you. And if you don’t know Nicole yet, I’m excited to share HER with you too!

Oh my God – this one! How cute is she?!

Meet Nicole of Eye For Pretty!

And also a project I completed way back in August of 2017. For real!

Nicole is a local interior designer and small business owner. She has incredible taste. Her style captures me every time because it’s simple, beautiful and classic. It’s comfortable and affordable and realistic, I think. It’s not fussy or complicated = all similar to my style of organizing. She and I became friends over Instagram when we realized we lived only about 10 minutes away from each other.

Nicole purchased a local home and transformed it into something spectacular! It was fun to watch the renovations unfold day by day. From the house being painted white to her all glass front doors being installed to her incredible backyard (a must see!), I loved every moment she shared. And continues to share as her home evolves.

This is the view from her kitchen window…

photographed by Amy Bartlam

I know! Makes you want to scream right?

And a view toward the kitchen from her family room…

photographed by Amy Bartlam

I was totally shocked when she asked me to help her organize her brand new, beautiful kitchen!

photographed by Amy Bartlam

It’s exactly the kitchen I would dream of having if I had the chance to renovate one for myself. Bright, light and open…and very minimal. A classic!

Me and my measuring tape could not get there fast enough!…

Mean that!

It was also tough to stay focused on work – we could spend days talking to one another. She’s a mother / small business owner and we face a lot of the same challenges juggling those roles. There is always something to talk about when we’re together. Which is not as often as I would like, if you asked me.

Nicole and her family are pretty minimal so it made my job easy. She’s also a weekly Home Goods shopper due to her job. So when I arrived she already had a few pretty baskets on hand that I knew would be perfect to stick around.

She has a cabinet style pantry, as is the case in most new kitchens I’ve worked in the last couple years…

And stunning empty drawers I couldn’t wait to measure out for bamboo dividers…

After a quick consult, I returned a few days later to get her spaces organized…

Keeping in line with her style, I chose bamboo and white details. I filled her baskets from Home Goods with backstock items and plasticware. Then I popped in 2 mesh baskets for the bottom drawer to contain shopping bags and lunch bags…

( bamboo baskets | white mesh baskets | turntables )

For the main stage, I chose white metal baskets, canned food risers, turntables and bamboo baskets to keep everything categorized simply…

( risers | white metal baskets )

I also re-purposed some of her pretty items on hand. I could have spent hours right here. I may have, if I’m being honest…

Then it was time to organize the drawers. You know I have a thing about those…

( drawer dividers )

Like a glove! All you need to do is measure.

Nicole inspires me as a friend and fellow small business owner. She’s referred me into some of the most amazing spaces she has totally re-designed, renovated or decorated. It’s a true honor to have a designer refer me in as an organizer after they have worked their magic in a home…and Nicole always thinks about me when her clients need a little organization help moving in after a remodel. It is very touching!

She has totally surprised me lately with everything she has going on – she’s hosted events at local small businesses and is now doing something to help new designers get going on Instagram. She’s a giver, this one.

And it’s a friendship I cherish. Very much!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into her organized kitchen and take a second to check her out on Instagram – there’s too much to love about her feed!!!


If you were admiring any of the organization solutions I used in Nicole’s space, you can find it all right here…

Anyone else organizing their kitchen this New Year? Hope this gave you that little extra push to finish your project strong!

Back soon guys!



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  1. Juliet says:

    I love Nicole’s kitchen and remember seeing you working on it via Instagram. It’s certainly a dream kitchen made all the more dreamy by your manic touch.

  2. Belinda Milford says:

    where did you get those front doors?

  3. Ashley says:

    I love the metal planters on the front porch! Where did you get these?

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Ashley,

      These are on Nicole’s front porch – she’s a local designer who hired me to help her organize her new kitchen a few years ago. So I’m sorry I am unsure of where those came from. I do know she purchases a lot from Serena & Lily, McGee and other local flea market / sources.


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