Beautiful and Portable Gift Wrap Station

Jan 16

With the unexpected time crunch during the holiday season and client projects ramping up, I didn’t have a chance to share my holiday gift wrap station. This is not only helpful during the holidays, but can be an idea used year-round…so I figured, why not go ahead and share it anyway!

Plus, I sorta miss seeing my tree all lit up…and I’m kinda madly in love with this new basket!…

How To Organize a Portable Gift Wrap Station!

( basket )

Every season I create a gift wrap station, like this one I did back in 2015. It simplifies wrapping and allows you to move anywhere around your house…which is especially nice if Santa still visits and you need to sneak away. I always start with a simple basket or container. Something that will continue to be useful throughout the year and beyond.

This year I found this beautiful basket at Target…

How To Organize a Portable Gift Wrap Station!

How To Organize a Portable Gift Wrap Station!

It matches candle holders I picked up on clearance last Fall. They are sitting around my fireplace and on the front porch (I’ll share those images soon!) so the basket is now sitting nearby on the hearth holding firewood. I love purchasing baskets and other home items that can be repurposed no matter what the season.

How To Organize a Portable Gift Wrap Station!

I couldn’t wait to load the inside of the basket!

How To Organize a Portable Gift Wrap Station!

You’ve seen my gift wrap drawers in my home office, but if you haven’t – they look like this…

( drawer organizers )

I removed a couple drawer inserts and placed them inside the basket…

I filled both with ribbon, gift tags, scissors, a pen and tape.

I love these containers!

I added a few white gift boxes – these are great to have year round. I love wrapping gifts for the kids friends and letting them decorate the outside of the box…instead of writing a card. They get so creative!

Finally I popped in my favorite wrapping for the season…

Again, I tend to go for classics that can be used beyond Christmas. I love love love this paper! It looked pretty under the tree this year! It’s from Sugar Paper, but Target isn’t carrying it online for me to link for you – boo!…

Kraft paper is awesome too!…

My daughter embraced wrapping this season and was actually pretty good at it! I left the basket on the kitchen table most of December. Any time she had something to wrap, the supplies were ready.

There’s those matching candle holders in the background here…

Love them!!! And again, on clearance!


If you’d like to find the items from my gift wrap station, you can shop this post right here…

Sorry this wasn’t shared during the holidays, but my hunch is you were probably just as busy as me. This is a year round idea…or if you want to organize drawers like I did, you can find those details here in this post.

Back soon guys!



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