The SO YouTube Channel – Coming Back!

Jan 25

Another business goal that fell off the radar in 2017/18? Video content and the old SO YouTube Channel.

My favorite co-workers…and one very special business mentor / coach / trainer …. my business idol … they have heard me crow on and on, over and over about the need to share video. Video is where it’s at. Who doesn’t love watching before and after’s? Who wouldn’t love to take a peek behind the scenes at the antics that are home organizing? All the personalities, the stories, the realness, THE STUFF, and how much I know you will take comfort in relating to what every other family is struggling with too.

There’s no better way to capture it all than on video.

The challenge has been finding someone who can be with us for extended periods on projects. I’m searching for that person now – if you know anyone, send them to the contact form here on the website!

Anyway, yesterday I quickly took a video from my home office and spent a little time getting reacquainted with what is video editing. Ugh, a little painful to relearn after months of not creating one. But I did get one live on the channel for you!

In the video, I mention the next one will be a Q&A. I receive questions ALL THE TIME. I think sharing a Q&A video once a month, every other month or once a quarter (time dependent) would be really fun and a great way to get reconnected! So if you want to leave a comment here with your question for me, please do! Or you can leave it in the comment section of the video on YouTube. Or if you’re more private, send it to me via the contact form here on the site. I’m looking forward to seeing what you want to ask!

Here’s the video!…

Back soon guys!




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