Simply Done: A Move-In Ready Kitchen

Feb 7

One of 100,000 dreams I obsess over in this business? Having a family go on vacation while we unpack and organize their entire home.

Can you even imagine coming back from a trip to a totally unpacked and organized home? New closets designed and installed. Playroom set to perfection. Clothing folded neatly in dressers. Your garage so impeccable you almost don’t want to park inside. A perfectly prepped pantry and fridge.

I love this job so much and love the families who hire us SO MUCH MORE that the dreams are never ending. I love bearing the burden / brunt of stress-inducing situations. And nothing tops that stress-filled list more than a move.

Well, there is one thing to top it. A move with 3 young children. And pets. And it’s the middle of a school year.

This absolutely PRECIOUS family of 5 contacted me in a pinch as they were quickly moving into a new home and needed help getting the kitchen unpacked and organized…

Over the weekend, they loaded up boxes from their kitchen and brought over nearly everything kitchen-related to the new house….with the exception of pantry and fridge / freezer contents. Those came after.

The movers took care of the big items, but with 3 small children – their goal at a minimum was to have the kitchen totally organized before their first night sleeping here.

And we get that!

Not only do we get that…we live for that!

There is nothing we love more than setting up a brand new kitchen with total efficiency and organization.

So this week, while Mom and Dad were busy directing movers at the old house, we were busy right here turning this kitchen into a space they could gather for dinner, cook, make lunches, enjoy each other’s company and much more!


If I could share just one expert tip with you, it’s that you need to live in your space for a while to really see where items naturally fall / fit. What your tendencies are in that space. Of course, we set the stage here getting items into the place that made the most sense and is the best use of available space. But once they are living here and truly using the kitchen, items may shift around.

This is normal!

I love uncovering those special items to decorate with. Those little pieces that once may have been in a cabinet or drawer or a box in the garage…suddenly, they become a piece worthy of sharing your home with you…items like this sweet cutting board engraved with their family name…

And of course I love to organize those drawers – setting them up for ultimate organization from the beginning…

( drawer dividers )

( spring loaded dividers )

Ugh…one of my all-time favorite treats? When they get home to a totally organized, clear-countered kitchen…with flowers…

It’s truly a dream come true for me! And always wish I was a little fly on the wall to see that first night here in the kitchen. What did they have for dinner? What did the kids say when they came home from school?

Such a sweet family with an equally warm and beautiful kitchen!

Can hardly wait to hear about the memories made here…and come back to help organize a few other spaces…

A total pleasure helping this family! Hope you enjoyed this small peek into their new kitchen!

Back soon guys! So much more to share!



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